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Slowly walks away from artie. Then runs like hell.

3rd November 2003 07:11

Browse to your main Bf42 folder in the installer (...\Battlefield 1942) It will install the patch au...

3rd November 2003 07:11

First off the fh devs did a wonderful job of making fh compatible with 1.5. Now the philipinees map...

3rd November 2003 07:11

B.F. PierceMaybe it's not such a simple fix? ;) It's being tested to make sure it works right, she...

2nd November 2003 14:11

You asked a stupid question so i gave you a stupid answer.

2nd November 2003 10:11

:nodding: Roger Watersno one cares I didnt ask anyone too. besides making a new thread asking whe...

2nd November 2003 10:11

MG42ManiacA lot of people (especially chicks :naughty: ) think i'm a cool guy How much do these chi...

2nd November 2003 10:11

na i wont. Since i dont like anybody.

6th March 2004 20:03