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This is the one im buying. http://www.circuitcity.com/detail.jsp?c=1&b=g&qp=0&bookmark=...

9th February 2004 16:02

I will not answer anymore questions on the grounds that they will incrimanate me. Without a lawyer p...

12th February 2004 05:02

So i just set it to no paging file in the virtual memory section of my computer?

12th February 2004 05:02

Getting back on topic here. I have heard forgotten hope will be about 1gig. Then again i doubt it....

12th February 2004 05:02

Just like the Canadians i hate the brits as well.

12th February 2004 01:02

So what should it be?

11th February 2004 18:02

Since i have 1024 MB of ram or 1gig what should my virtual memory be set too? Should it be both 1024...

11th February 2004 08:02

Why register? So they can track your every move? Every gun i buy i dont register. That way i cant be...

11th February 2004 06:02

Try this site. www.sounddogs.com

10th February 2004 16:02

Would be nice if its both a SP/MP demo then we will see if its worth buying.

10th February 2004 10:02

Next time read the rules before posting simon. You wont last here long if you post with an attitude...

10th February 2004 08:02

I would like to know whats a good editor for mkaing MP3's into wav's. I found a good site with sound...

10th February 2004 05:02

You dont.

9th February 2004 08:02

Go to another server and quit your whining.

2nd February 2004 15:02

Little late dont you think?

9th February 2004 02:02

RTR is pretty cheap now go buy a new one.

8th February 2004 18:02

1. Read the forum rules next time before posting. 2. Not a good idea to post peoples names. 3. Next...

8th February 2004 17:02


7th February 2004 06:02

Who cares anymore about aimbots? I dont.

7th February 2004 01:02

CANT WAIT! Originally Posted by Iggy How much better preformance are we talking about here?" --...

6th February 2004 12:02

DC selling out? Gee frank how much is EA and Dice going to pay you? Only mod i ever liked is Mercile...

5th February 2004 06:02

This is what i use for game sounds. http://www.sounddogs.com/catsearch.asp?Type=1

5th February 2004 02:02

Try this. Erase your old filters and replace it with this one. Now bf1942 will show up with 1.6. Pla...

5th February 2004 02:02

By the time we ever see (Punkbuster) battlefield vietnam will be out.

3rd February 2004 17:02

Every day i come into this forum all i see is aimbot this aimbot that! Im getting sick and tired of...

2nd February 2004 17:02