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Dread pwns me!

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This was one server i loved to play on because of the realism mod. Think im going to start my own se...

28th January 2004 02:01

Che facendo lei in america da russia?

12th February 2004 05:02

Then ill work all fucking night all week all year to make it work in sp. Im no newb to modding. Ive...

20th January 2004 12:01

http://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php?t=106441 Already a thread about this mod.

23rd January 2004 11:01

Its not a good idea to post about other clans abusive behavior. If you do get kicked from a server d...

23rd January 2004 05:01

Tell me what to change in the scripts and ill start right away.

21st January 2004 04:01

Symbols blood for German version in the Multiplayer (KM-Idefix) Symbole+Blut für Deutsche Version im...

20th January 2004 18:01

Id uninstall your game. Seeing as its an exe might be a virus? Do a virus scan check. Where did you...

20th January 2004 17:01

IW Updates Server Commands ListServer Commands list has been updated with what will be in patch 1.2!...

20th January 2004 17:01

When do you want to start on this great and noble undertaking?

20th January 2004 15:01

Im sorry i have a short temper.:micro: Chris i want to see gore on sp i know there is a way to make...

20th January 2004 12:01

The only thing i want to work is the pain sounds, the helmet coming off, and the pool of blood comin...

20th January 2004 12:01

There use to be one. Ckr. The server hasnt been up for several days now. Its the BAH clan server.

24th January 2004 04:01

Dont be a asshole about it christopher. Too bad that someone stole your blood mod and named it there...

20th January 2004 10:01

Wish your mod worked on SP.

20th January 2004 08:01

I know of one server that has the kar fire like a m1. Its the =COM= server. I dont play there becaus...

20th January 2004 06:01

For those of you who have this mod do you hear pain screams, see any blood gushing out from the play...

20th January 2004 06:01

I did what the read me told me to do and it doesnt seem to work. I dont hear no pain sounds i launch...

20th January 2004 04:01

They dont do it now and they never will.

20th January 2004 04:01

Read the read me.

20th January 2004 03:01

Ill be sure to check it out chris.

20th January 2004 03:01

SpideyWhere'd you get that from?? http://www.gamespy.com/interviews/december03/callofduty/

19th January 2004 07:01

Prehaps you never ran into Deus with his private aimbot have you? I have and i havent play online fo...

19th January 2004 04:01

Im about there myself. Think i should get back into street racing.

18th January 2004 07:01

Only aimbot i seen is a private one. They wont be public. More or less it wasnt an aimbot but a trig...

24th January 2004 04:01