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I have found out a few secret models *coughs* dunno how secret though: \model prisoner/elder \mode...

29th August 2004 20:08

Simply make a folder called 'addon', in your GameData folder. Then extract all your mod maps there.

9th March 2006 10:03

Yes there is...read the 'Readme' carefully.

14th March 2006 23:03

Well I actually just did so, and I've found the I like InvisionFree more. The link to our forum i...

14th March 2006 09:03

Wrong forum buddy...you mean BFII. But let's pretend this is for BFII, then yes, that's the only m...

14th March 2006 08:03

There already is such a mod...although I don't think it's with Anakin and Obi-Wan. Check the FileFro...

14th March 2006 08:03

Do you have any screenshots?

14th March 2006 08:03

Rather than having Star Wars characters, I would like to see Nintendo stars like Mario and Yoshi...t...

14th March 2006 01:03

Indeed it is. I check there regulary for updates.

14th March 2006 00:03

^^Bro...this thread's dead.

13th March 2006 22:03

I was thinking that very thing...great minds think alike :D I'm going to get a forum so i'll give...

13th March 2006 22:03

Just a quick update on the clan. We've now got 10 members, one can mod (Fiminopter) and another (P...

12th March 2006 23:03

I found the easiest way to get the Demolition award is: 1. Start a game on Hoth with no bots. 2. S...

11th March 2006 01:03

Will do. Anyway, i don't have any comments about the forums at the moment. You've done a great job...

10th March 2006 06:03

For the 'misson.lvl' file. Put it in your 'LVL_PC' folder which is under 'Data'. Remember to back...

10th March 2006 06:03

Nah, don't bother with that thread. Thanks for the offer though. By the way, if you hadn't noticed...

7th March 2006 09:03

People need for information about the clan if they are going to consider joining. Do you have a we...

23rd March 2006 01:03

Well, it's an idea for the future. What type of clan map do you have in mind?

7th March 2006 06:03

I'll happily register on your forum :D

7th March 2006 06:03

Mine's 'raven300'

5th March 2006 07:03

^^That sounds good. Maybe you could make a map which includes all the squadrons - Rouge, Wraith and...

3rd March 2006 22:03

Oh yeah, modding. Do you have a modder in your clan?

3rd March 2006 05:03

^^Lol, i totally agree. I will personally kiss your feet if you can get 3 or more decent members who...

2nd March 2006 05:03

Thanks for doing that. Wow, this thread is really inactive!

2nd March 2006 05:03

I have to disagree with Darth_Burger because I think your site is terrible. Not only is the sites la...

1st March 2006 09:03