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I have recently re installed CoD, and now during the game the brightness goes dark, without any warn...

24th August 2004 23:08

How the heck do I use the BF builder thing? How am I supposed to use the terrain color etc. thing? h...

12th October 2005 10:10

IS there a new version coming out of rcon4cod2 so that it works with the new CoD2 patch and shows th...

16th April 2006 21:04

did u dl it into the right drive?Is this on the unsupported modding tools?if it is, I put it in my...

14th October 2005 07:10

Yea but my internet speed is 54mbps and yes I do have the map being used. Mysteriously though, somet...

13th October 2005 05:10

I have a problem:When I try to enter a MP game, it gets to the screen where u choose who to spawn as...

13th October 2005 04:10

oh wait where can u get pictures to put next to ur name?

13th October 2005 03:10

thx daniel 010:D !!!!

13th October 2005 03:10

y are u showing us that screen if the icons are where u choose who to spawn as? Are u sure ur lookin...

13th October 2005 02:10

I really want to know how to mod things and create maps can someone plz tell me?!!!!?????!!

11th October 2005 22:10

Im +[ANT]+_Razorsidewalk (High Council Memebr) of the ANT clan. Are u looking for a multi-gaming cla...

27th August 2004 03:08

:uhm: does it even show the icons for the two sides?

11th October 2005 22:10

can u do a mod where u change the old jedi starfighter to the new kind seen in Episode lll?

11th October 2005 04:10

can someone answer that cause I want to try out some of the new GTA games

11th October 2005 03:10

srry that's a map

11th October 2005 02:10

can someone pl tell me so I can add something oh and also how do u change the thing that says I'm to...

11th October 2005 02:10

yea that would be cool :nodding: :cool:

11th October 2005 02:10

wow cool can one where ur on Mustafar?plz

11th October 2005 02:10

Well i have looked on that website (CODFiles) and i can only find 3 rcon programs andfrom wat i hav...

17th April 2006 05:04