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|^w^| R|C$t@ is Me from now on:cya:

5th February 2005 14:02

Ye get his ip so i can get him banned from all the good cod uo servers. Annouce his ip for us. I...

3rd March 2005 09:03

Praet0rian plz delete this topic, i dont like people seeing me as a guy who argues with people like...

2nd March 2005 11:03

MRBlondeI've noticed that you didn't say a way to know somONE is cheating... Can you mention them no...

2nd March 2005 11:03

i think he meant Thread, but i could be wrong:rolleyes:

2nd March 2005 20:03

Calizmo camps UO :p

3rd March 2005 05:03

some servers have cheats enabled for fun, and theres a cheat where u type /ufo in console and u can...

3rd March 2005 05:03

:eek: really, i looked at screenys and they looked fine. -takes another look- btw i think Aegene...

3rd March 2005 06:03

Omg calizmo, u show off ur score but u cheat? lmao, how lame can people get

3rd March 2005 06:03

well spotted sd151283:nodding:

3rd March 2005 06:03

LMFAO, :0wned:

3rd March 2005 09:03

i already done that along time ago:naughty:

3rd March 2005 10:03

MRBlondeBut I think your English is more worse than mine[/QUOTE] you mean "your English is worse tha...

2nd March 2005 11:03

on forums its either Ricsta or R|C$t@ Gaming Names old names - |^w^|R|C$t@ and R|C$t@ #6th-Army...

3rd March 2005 20:03

dunno, i think its just a simple command u type in, it wont work with punkbuster on tho. but remem...

3rd March 2005 21:03

Go suck cock u cheat, i finishe top in most servers with out cheats, i'll still own u, cos i have a...

4th March 2005 03:03

i got some mad skills! and i live in Canada, im 17 lmfao, hahahahahahahaha that is damn funny, lmf...

4th March 2005 03:03

ye he left as soon as i joined, lol

4th March 2005 03:03

lol, wot a noob, im playing some custom maps at the moment. do u have xfire or msn

4th March 2005 04:03

lol, Calizmo u suck:moon:

4th March 2005 08:03

Calizmoha, ye you see the screenies i posted way long long ago, those were cod, uo wastn out then an...

4th March 2005 21:03

Nice Ammount of kills, but any1 can do that, i bet u was in server aout 2 hours, u got alot of death...

29th March 2005 12:03

smartax_2000As far as the campers go, hey do you think that all the soldiers in WWII just ran out an...

30th March 2005 06:03

the reason i done it is cos u look so stupid, saying my english is bad, but u make mistakes in the s...

2nd March 2005 11:03

MRBlonde, seriously half your sentences dont make sense, i notice ur from netherlands, maybe thats t...

1st March 2005 23:03
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