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You could always just let me eat you.

17th April 2008 09:04

A huge stack!

17th April 2008 09:04

Huzzah Red Thread!

18th April 2008 01:04


20th April 2008 01:04

kow_ciller;4312978Holy jebus. I have returned from my long journey, COD4 has taken over my life and...

21st April 2008 11:04

This America thread is cool.

20th April 2008 01:04

Is someone going to have to retire for "health" reasons?

21st April 2008 03:04

Vasili;4311379Cool like America?Nothing can be cool like America.

21st April 2008 03:04

I think it’s worth it, I enjoy playing the British immensely. They appear to be an acquired taste th...

21st April 2008 06:04

Son of Citation Machine < Click it

21st April 2008 10:04

For in-text parenthetical citations? It does that too. But, be warned: "Parenthetical in text cita...

21st April 2008 11:04

Well, I've always used it for my in-text parenthetical citations and I never got a grade lower than...

21st April 2008 11:04

A power struggle! I know how to solve this, which one of you is the Trotskyist? *loads revolver*

1st May 2008 08:05

People, I just want to say, you know, can we all get along? Can we get along? Can we stop making it,...

8th May 2008 05:05

America, I'm in.

2nd May 2008 06:05

It is the way, it is America.

14th May 2008 02:05

I will follow you to the ends of the earth oh dictator of dance!

13th May 2008 05:05

We read it in my high school our sophomore year, I read it, I own it.

13th May 2008 05:05

Mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.

13th May 2008 05:05


13th May 2008 05:05

Red Thread!

13th May 2008 05:05

Call of Duty is still the best but in my opinion CoD4 is far superior to CoD2 with that crosshair tu...

14th May 2008 02:05

I don't.

14th May 2008 03:05


12th May 2008 03:05

One day? ONE DAY? Red Thread!

15th May 2008 02:05