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Happy birthday Elmo. I love you.

16th October 2006 08:10

I've had a request to move the day to Saturday, so the first Field Day will be held Saturday the 28t...

20th October 2006 08:10

No. No straps of any kind. I only love you in a brotherly, non-gay, pure and innocent way.

21st October 2006 01:10

Me love you? Ok.

21st October 2006 00:10

What about your right thumb?

21st October 2006 00:10

I still love you AzH. Doooooooooooooon't break my heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaart! Say you loooooooo...

21st October 2006 00:10

/me nibbles on Biggus's left thumb

21st October 2006 00:10

Bite back.

20th October 2006 23:10

Thanks Swede, just one little thing.... This event will take place Saturday the 28th of October, mo...

20th October 2006 20:10

Shopping chick knows we love her too. She just doesn't have a food related name.

20th October 2006 08:10

I love you Red (Menace).

21st October 2006 08:10

I love donuts. The person and the food.

20th October 2006 08:10

:giggle: Yeah. That's mine.

20th October 2006 07:10


20th October 2006 06:10


20th October 2006 06:10

Ooh, aren't you special? Happy Birthday :)

20th October 2006 06:10

Okee, so I misread a thread in the Babe forum (I usually don't go there, I'm a good boy, but I read...

20th October 2006 06:10

Dipship;3299363There there lil' Rebel, it's alright... I like that smilie :) I'm going to PM her d...

20th October 2006 06:10

But I was here first! :'( Who cares if I was inactive?

20th October 2006 02:10

Griffin_NL;3301626Déja vu? I swear you've already said this.Yes, I say it to like, every male who I...

21st October 2006 02:10

You should be.

20th October 2006 01:10

AzH, your name looks naked...

22nd October 2006 01:10

I think... it made the post.. but didn't tell me.. so I waited a bit and clicked again after edittin...

22nd October 2006 06:10

I love you Kyle. Wait... what the..? What error?? Spoiler: Show

22nd October 2006 03:10

I love you Kyle.

22nd October 2006 03:10