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is gay.

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With all the bacon spam you do, I would not be saddened if you were too poor to afford bacon.

11th February 2012 07:02

We got our Spam awards! This calls for a celebration. :dance:

10th February 2012 07:02

I noticed you're posting rather excessively...

10th February 2012 08:02

It's hard to be jealous of an amateur.

10th February 2012 10:02

As soon as I read "taste test", I was positive it was going to be something about his dick. Nope. Se...

10th February 2012 10:02

I'll have it done by next month. I promise.

11th February 2012 00:02

Too long? I'll try to be faster! [COLOR="Black"]I quit months ago.[/COLOR]

11th February 2012 01:02

Too long? I'll try to be faster![COLOR=black] I quit months ago.[/COLOR]

11th February 2012 01:02

This will make a great birthday gift for you.

11th February 2012 07:02

I'm hearing a whole lot of problems, but no solutions!

8th February 2012 06:02

Bridge please.

11th February 2012 08:02

Seinfield seems to have lost some self-respect.

11th February 2012 10:02

Fall back! Abort! Abort!

11th February 2012 10:02

I see how it is. :cry:

11th February 2012 10:02

Maybe. Why?

11th February 2012 11:02

Use your high-speed projectile.

11th February 2012 11:02

You're just saying that so I won't tell the admins on you! :cry:

11th February 2012 14:02


12th February 2012 11:02

I'm not sure who's doing the joking here and who's being serious.

12th February 2012 11:02

Bin Laden told children 'live in peace in the West' - Yahoo! News

13th February 2012 05:02

ITT we post pictures of our cocks.

13th February 2012 10:02

Snow day! Partying all day up in this joint! :dance:

13th February 2012 20:02

Poor people can't afford phone implants! :rofl:

8th February 2012 07:02


8th February 2012 05:02

Unless you like the metallic taste of pennies and blood.

14th February 2012 05:02