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is gay.

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Some time when he isn't looking, an administrator should take the rs out of his name. Maybe he won't...

4th February 2012 05:02

Red Menace is hip?

27th January 2012 10:01

NiteStryker. :(

28th January 2012 06:01


29th January 2012 05:01

Why is Graeme not on the list? :lookaround: I use my imagination to change ~kyrillix~ to Graeme eve...

29th January 2012 07:01

No anal fissures around here today!

29th January 2012 07:01

You accidently added an rs.

30th January 2012 12:01

Childhood intact. U mad?

3rd February 2012 08:02

*goes into kitchen* :madman:

4th February 2012 09:02


8th February 2012 05:02

5th February 2012 05:02

5th February 2012 08:02

Guess what? Spoiler: Show This year's a leap year.

5th February 2012 09:02

You know what this forum should allow? Alt text on images we post.

6th February 2012 05:02

6th February 2012 07:02

You know the little box handle things that appear on the borders of pictures we paste into a post, r...

6th February 2012 08:02

6th February 2012 08:02

You don't have a license?

6th February 2012 12:02

It takes quite a bit of work to get that sweet nectar.

7th February 2012 05:02

Nemmerle;5608308Hah! You people all think having huge genitals is great. IT'S NOT. "That won't fit...

7th February 2012 10:02

Sing along with them in a purposely terrible and humorous fashion. Either you foster a new loving re...

7th February 2012 11:02

Start blasting these at a louder volume. They'll get the message eventually. Rebecca Black - Friday...

8th February 2012 05:02

Ryojin;5608340Oh, no, that won't work... :( Then start singing Powers Rangers really loud!

8th February 2012 05:02

Almost got through winter with no snow. Dain of grammernazi awrd

13th February 2012 23:02

Some girl actually gave me a box of chocolates for a Valentine's Day gift out of what was most likel...

15th February 2012 05:02