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is gay.

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Maybe for you.

26th January 2012 09:01

Ensign Riles;5615965It's as large as it can get! vBulletin assumed Gaddafi would never be using thei...

28th February 2012 08:02

Solutions, people! Solutions!

24th February 2012 11:02

Ensign Riles;5614723I'm afraid your user title is too long so the HTML gets cut off. What? Too long?...

25th February 2012 07:02

Ensign Riles;5614723I'm afraid your user title is too long so the HTML gets cut off. Pictures! I wan...

25th February 2012 07:02

Enough with your deformed p's! You'll use th's like everyone else!

25th February 2012 07:02

Tricorder;5615014 What is with this meme? People use it all the time on 4chan, but that's not Red Le...

25th February 2012 08:02

How 'bout you C++ me up a fixed awards animation? :curse:

25th February 2012 09:02

You must be quite the beginner then.

25th February 2012 11:02

Schofield;5615182You're on 4chan? I bet you like them more than us. It's not like that. I just look...

26th February 2012 02:02

Einherjar Silberio;5615250What kind of porn could you possibly find at 4chan?! :eek: Sick fucking...

26th February 2012 05:02

Why is 4chan obsessed with women that have penises? There always a porn thread for them, and the thr...

26th February 2012 09:02

Some people on here have a notification bug that never goes away.

26th February 2012 13:02

Then why don't you make the length limit larger? :curse:

28th February 2012 05:02

Okay. Make me an admin and I'll get right on it.

28th February 2012 12:02

Totes;5614353Wasn't his avatar that was stretched... Take your dick jokes somewhere else! This is a...

24th February 2012 05:02

That wouldn't work. I don't know what LGBT stands for.

29th February 2012 05:02


29th February 2012 05:02


29th February 2012 06:02

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transsexual?

29th February 2012 08:02

Someone sounds like someone's insecure about being lesbian gay bisexual transsexual.

29th February 2012 11:02

Dang lesbian gay bisexual transsexuals. Always taking out their insecurities on others.

2nd March 2012 05:03

...Is this why you don't hang out with us anymore?

2nd March 2012 11:03

He's smoking the hat? He always seemed a couple knobs short of an Etch-A-Sketch.

3rd March 2012 05:03

I just noticed a few minutes ago that when I try to close a program and it asks me if I want to save...

3rd March 2012 06:03