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Whats wrong with 1.33? It's great. Ok, there's not as many servers or players but there's more of a...

12th May 2007 15:05

I still play! I'm on *bad* all the time, but i've never seen YOU on...

30th May 2007 02:05

Hey, this is an old problem, but i can never get it to work. I want to be able to play 1.33 AND 1....

2nd June 2007 18:06

Can't i copy my already installed GOTY (1.33) version, label it 1.41 or whatever, then patch it to 1...

3rd June 2007 18:06

I don't want to update :( Well i would like to play 1.4 and 1.33 to be honest, they're both good....

10th June 2007 17:06

[EMAIL="Anthr@x"]Anthr@x[/EMAIL] ([EMAIL="OP|Anthr@x"]OP|Anthr@x[/EMAIL] at the moment :) ) You?

10th June 2007 17:06

Which update do i need for 1.41? is it 1.41b or what?

10th June 2007 17:06

Yeah... Oh well, it's still good to see SOME people still playing ET and RtCW.

10th June 2007 17:06

PLEASE tell me I don't have to update every one in that freakin' line - I can just download the last...

11th June 2007 22:06

That explains why it didn't work for my friend, who only did the latest patch. Ok thanks, that's a...

13th June 2007 22:06

Doctor Who fan eh? =) Is your server Jaymod?

6th August 2007 23:08

Which version do you play? 1.41?

10th November 2007 00:11

You need administrator priveleges.

7th February 2009 17:02

As I said in your other thread, you need administrator priveleges.

7th February 2009 17:02