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If I make a mod, how do i submit it? I use Corsix Mod Studio, if that helps...Anything better, by th...

27th July 2009 06:07

Sorry, I kind of realized it might be that, because I used an IG assassin as my squad, but I guess h...

20th September 2009 16:09

By the way Corsix does everything, and the map editor only makes maps. Redrat

2nd September 2009 00:09

Just so you know, you have to go into the actual weapon stats to change for range, etc. Redrat

2nd September 2009 00:09

Also for units(I think) the line is keen sight true or false. Redrat

2nd September 2009 00:09

What do you use for modeling? Redrat

2nd September 2009 00:09

Ok. I have decided to make a new race instead of what I was doing before. However, I am stupid and d...

15th September 2009 00:09

That's a good idea. Redrat

15th September 2009 00:09

Hmmm.I had an idea for a mod. Redrat

15th September 2009 00:09

Thank you much. Very helpful. Redrat.

15th September 2009 19:09

As you may know, I am creating a new race.I originally named it DEATH, just because I couldn't remem...

20th September 2009 04:09

I was going along, making my mod, and i go to test it. It crashes. I'm a bit puzzled at first, becau...

27th September 2009 02:09

Speakng of mission editor, when I open mine it says: The procedure entry point ?GetBlueprintByFile...

23rd August 2009 04:08

Thanks, Ill give it a shot. Redrat

28th September 2009 18:09

Honestly, I don't like the chaos lord. He's too fragile, unless he's the demon prince or bloodthirst...

22nd November 2009 08:11

Well, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. In DC, I have a ton of mods, and I was using one, and it crashed. N...

28th December 2009 21:12

Really, I didn't know it was that easy. Thanks, I'll give it a go, but I might just have to repair D...

30th December 2009 03:12

To change stats, actually make a mod, and prep for moving units, best is Corsix Mod Studio. For maki...

3rd January 2010 09:01

I tried, but ended up having to just repair it. W40K.ini was corrupted. However, nice trick to save...

11th January 2010 02:01

Can anyone tell me how to make a setup file? One that installs programs/mods. Please tell me if I'm...

2nd February 2010 21:02

An installer that places all files in the right place. Thanks, Redrat

7th February 2010 02:02

Can someone tell me where in the Ork HQ's file it tells it what guns to have? For my mod I would lik...

11th April 2010 15:04

Well, of course, right after I posted this I figured it out. But thanks anyway. And for anyone who d...

11th April 2010 15:04

Sweet. Dawn of War 2 is my next step in game buying. Redrat

2nd September 2009 00:09

Ok. data/attrib/ebps/races/space_marines/structures/space_marine_listening_post.rgd/structure.ext/at...

23rd August 2009 04:08
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