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Redstain notices the giant spider they call eckie. looking at the poor thing drooling he grabs one o...

13th January 2003 09:01

I voted! I voted! so dont hurt me (hey groddy isnt that from DOA xtreme volleyball?)

13th January 2003 00:01

a plucked eyebrow takes 90 to grow back if you bury a traffic ticket it will decompose in about 4 w...

13th January 2003 00:01


12th January 2003 04:01

thanx i drink to you :beer:

12th January 2003 04:01

i cant size it down on this computer(or cant find a decent program to do it for me)

12th January 2003 03:01

yay! it works thanks guys. now I need to make it a little smalled:lol:

12th January 2003 03:01

sorry. sweden it is. Here is the beutiful capitol Stockholm now who is up for denmark?

24th May 2003 07:05