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Is it just me or is the US government been fighting a war on drugs for the last 30 years. If the US...

23rd November 2006 06:11

DnC;3373556No one actually cares because it's about the character of Bond, not what transmission the...

21st November 2006 09:11

I think they said the original never made it past 25 episodes. This one is far better written and ha...

23rd November 2006 05:11

The gay blade? The rectifier? The enema?

22nd November 2006 13:11

Yea sorry about that. I guess i didn't think about the title for very long. I was thinking more abou...

21st November 2006 14:11

21st November 2006 14:11

Lmao white and nerdy.

21st November 2006 13:11

How many[COLOR=Black] Wieners does it take to screw in a light bulb?[/COLOR]

21st November 2006 13:11

I haven't seen borat yet. He blew up like that?

21st November 2006 11:11

Michael Richards or that guy Kramer from Seinfeld Warning Racial Tirade

21st November 2006 10:11

People may forget what you've said. They may forget what you've done. But, people will never forget...

5th January 2011 14:01