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dpvisualI used to play BF:V all the time.. One day, i decided, Im going to reformat. I finish reform...

21st October 2004 05:10

hi again to all of you. before 1 or 2 weeks i have make an upgrade form my vista business 32 bit to...

26th April 2010 02:04

here are the pics at last, but this are not the final textures just for the pics something like a "...

29th June 2010 03:06

well again the old theme with Sith Stalker, can this thing have a future to be playable for SP / MP...

27th June 2010 03:06

well i have try it both methods, but the result is the same in the both situations :|

14th June 2010 03:06

Inyri Forge;5339540Do the textures exists in those paths in your PK3? Edit: The extensions seem pre...

14th June 2010 03:06

well here is the skin file : : body_BLK, models/weapons2/esprzk2/body_BLK.jpg neck,...

14th June 2010 03:06

Hi to all of u. pls can u help me, cuz i want to make a guitar model of the ESP RZK-2 tht Richard Z....

14th June 2010 03:06

hi to all of you :). I have made my first two models of WW2 planes, they are stupid, but i need help...

24th May 2010 22:05

erm.. ok but where to find it?! 'cuz as I sad long time since my last visit heh

29th April 2010 05:04

Hi to all of you :) It's a long time since last thread from me here, but I have work, school, proble...

29th April 2010 04:04

hah its done now and jk3 is working 10x very much for the help :):P:) now back to the MP to see why...

27th April 2010 00:04

I'm with Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family and DirectX 11 ..

26th April 2010 23:04

cuz i want to make somethig tht on my laptop as i say in older post, i don't have the right one numb...

8th January 2010 04:01

@Raz0r, what u mean with code? a cfg file or what and i think it will need animation for repulse, bu...

25th August 2010 14:08

10x Tricorder but it can't work with this virtual keyboard :(

8th January 2010 03:01

u mean the settings of jk3 or?

8th January 2010 02:01

where can i find this mod? cuz i think in jk3filefront its not published :S

8th January 2010 02:01

so how to play jk3 on big screen and " work " with tht keyboard?

8th January 2010 01:01

Hi, this maybe a stupid question but i want to know it : can JK3 be played somehow with the little :...

8th January 2010 01:01

um no but i just wasnt at home so now I'm back and didn't look 4 new posts so post 1 :D

2nd January 2010 05:01

Happy New Year 2010 to all of u ;) all d best :) have fun :P

2nd January 2010 05:01

so whats happend?

31st December 2009 03:12

um tfu have the black saber with white glow at the begining. just here is the USE level on Hoth figh...

30th December 2009 07:12

10x I know its hard work and its not for 1 to 3 days to learn I have one brother who is working with...

30th December 2009 06:12