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Dread pwns me!

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ok site but some one needs to make some of this ships, some are allsome:lookaround:

7th December 2002 10:12

I shot the tank with them on it.

16th October 2003 21:10

but I like my sig...

29th October 2003 05:10

what type of program are you using to edit this ship ?

10th November 2003 00:11

If you have dail up it takes like 5 or so mins to load.

12th November 2003 02:11

There is like 2 or 3 "CONVERSIONS" in the works for bc. You should look on the site once and a wail....

29th November 2003 12:11

some of this stuff is cold. and funny

11th October 2003 11:10

You should have just asked me. Edit it all you like.

3rd December 2003 12:12

I am not sure how to change this but you could just turn them off by undoing the Character Tool tips...

13th December 2003 03:12

This seems intreging... Could you post that HP file here , I'd like to see it , and try it out.

13th December 2003 08:12

one word...odd....

16th January 2004 08:01

i'm lost.....

16th January 2004 12:01

I'm uber

25th January 2004 03:01

There are some Bugs in the game some thing still and will never work right.

9th February 2004 01:02

wow how old is this now ?

13th October 2003 01:10

lmao......that's a good one....

2nd October 2003 07:10

seeing some of the questions... have you guys even looked at the forums and site before ?

19th April 2004 13:04


27th September 2003 11:09

My be true but My color is better.

27th September 2003 09:09

My be true but My color is better.

27th September 2003 09:09

was cool

27th September 2003 10:09

in the avertars under anime

27th September 2003 11:09

ok your asking for it... YOUR MAD !?!@?#!

27th September 2003 11:09

I'm sorry it was Grrreeeaaaat !

27th September 2003 11:09

orange will allways be the best!

27th September 2003 11:09