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well that was going to be my suggestion to check but it seems I am a lil late.

17th March 2006 11:03

Um , truely interesting. They would spend the time to make a cellphone version of ofp insted of keep...

2nd April 2006 07:04

MrFancypantsIn mulitplayer I prefer high FPS, but in single-player I like to take a look at the land...

1st February 2006 08:02

I personaly think it's better without them. It's just a waste of fps to me.

1st February 2006 07:02

dear Killmar could you Please make me one for RTCW using the name =[COLOR=Blue]MG[/COLOR]=R[COLOR=B...

8th July 2004 08:07

Yes I tried reinstalling them , updating them and ect .. but it doesn't seem to old the poor old bug...

19th May 2004 03:05

enable cheats by loading a map in the window like this /devmap ffa_Bushido then type in the window /...

21st May 2004 09:05

:bows: :bows: It is great keep working on that bad boy !

21st May 2004 09:05

Yes it was working fine before this and now it's just started this but I'll just buy a new vid card...

21st May 2004 22:05

That's a very nice looking ship , a lil strange , but nice

27th November 2005 00:11

eh... how old is this....I also redone the hp ... it doesn't over write anyother ship.

17th November 2004 05:11

read the topics here and h...

19th June 2005 04:06

first off you would need a model of the ship you wanted to do with the armour on it , then you would...

9th September 2005 02:09

sounds like a demi-god ship :P

9th September 2005 02:09

I also had that problem before , I don't know where I got that from , I think it must have been from...

9th September 2005 02:09

lol I can't even run the cg sov muchless anything else for it , be happy you could run the normal on...

9th September 2005 02:09

ah ok , I didn't know where I got it , it's not a problem you can just turn it off. So ya it's nice...

10th September 2005 11:09


27th September 2003 07:09

I've only seen you around like 3 times before but your ok in my book. :D

25th September 2003 10:09

Not sure , I would love to have it set up like that but I don't have a clue how to do it. However I...

6th April 2006 09:04

you can not play online with downloaded ships unless the person you going to play with has the SAME...

12th June 2003 08:06

sfc3 is 3d but the camer suks

12th June 2003 10:06

maybe with a wav. sound editer you could make the thing repeat so meany times than stop ( in the sho...

12th June 2003 11:06

you could use 3ds max to make a new ship but it cost money to have

12th June 2003 13:06


13th June 2003 01:06