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Bye The Way: AIM- Rambo Or Mac(one whole screenname) Xfire- subzero830 MSN- subzero_728@hotmail ple...

17th October 2004 22:10

AIM: Willy Weatherwood MSN: [email=""][/email] Xfire: su...

26th March 2005 15:03

Blood and Iron, [BAI] is now recruiting for CoD. We are a new clan for CoD:UO but have a server. The...

12th February 2005 12:02

my MSN is actually [email=""][/email]

13th February 2005 04:02

15th February 2005 07:02 if you have UO

26th February 2005 23:02

Contact Me! AIM- GunMac16 Xfire- subzero830

28th February 2005 07:02

I am currently looking for two trusting leaders to help me run my clan. I came from another clan wit...

21st March 2005 01:03

We are a UO clan!

21st March 2005 01:03

1 more spot left!

23rd March 2005 02:03

This is what I get: "Sorry, but the page or the file that you're looking for is not here."

23rd March 2005 11:03

The Soldiers of Terror is now recruiting. A COD:UO clan <]SOT[> will be joining up in TWL ladd...

29th March 2005 11:03

UH60BHPilotDo you play DC? If you do check us out. My email is [email="kille...

1st February 2005 04:02


30th March 2005 04:03

what gametypes?

2nd April 2005 05:04

Hello all, I am KillSwitch founder of <]SOT[> or The Soldiers of Terror. We are now recruiting...

19th April 2005 03:04

NEW MSN- [email=""][/email]

19th April 2005 04:04

Hey guys, KillSwitch here... Well I am looking for a co-leader. I am in a clan called Soldiers of T...

1st May 2005 03:05

New xfire: sotkillswitch

1st May 2005 04:05

8th May 2005 06:05

Hi, I also e-mailed you this info. I am the leader of the Soldiers of Terror clan <]SOT[>. W...

13th May 2005 04:05

Xfire: subzero830 Its now sotkillswitch I couldnt find the edit button.

13th May 2005 05:05

i said no proboards clans but I have found a clan!

10th February 2005 12:02

BF1942 Player Name: Skin Age: 17 Skill: Infantry Gametype: Conquest or CTF Weapons: Thomps...

31st January 2005 08:01

i cant connect to the site...

2nd November 2004 08:11
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