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Hey guys, i was making a model just for fun, it was a personal model, it mixed up many parts and te...

30th December 2008 23:12

sorry i didnt see the link on the pick :p also my fav is sith stalker robes. Then i like the jedi r...

4th August 2009 00:08

i would guess haha but if ever you finishg by releasing it jka at least it wil be a very nice model...

28th July 2009 20:07

wow very nice forwad attack for the SA, looking forward to see the full version of his attacks :P

28th July 2009 20:07

Yea forgot, the HUd is Made by Cyrus, for our mod tales of the sith lords, and since were in testing...

29th July 2009 19:07

Wow amazing model. Qestion it may seem stupid since your i a jka thread but are you planning on rele...

29th July 2009 23:07

lol, really nice model there i really like it its perfect the skinning job is amazing too. looking f...

30th July 2009 20:07

wow nicer. i really am looking forward to see them all work together :p

31st July 2009 20:07

Man i feel so bad saying this. But unfortuatly the map wont be part of the contest. Theres 1 week an...

1st August 2009 19:08

ok great news They look really good and fighting with them will be nice :p

1st August 2009 19:08

Well the textures are not from me, there from ki adi mundi on jk3files. but it was just to test. Sin...

2nd August 2009 15:08

well ive seen videos of stalax. like N-7 said we are planning on adding grippable objects for all le...

3rd August 2009 13:08

wow nice reference pis, im sure it could help, where did you get them?

3rd August 2009 17:08

Wow amaizing i love it, relly well done looking forward for the rest :D

16th August 2009 13:08

well your right mace as you can see the one that doesnt have light on top is the first one i made, t...

28th July 2009 20:07

i saw toshis stuff the vader and palpatine were just awsome, but you cant compare its not the same t...

17th August 2009 00:08

It would help if you would really specify what you wanna do with what model etc

17th August 2009 00:08

Images dont show up for me, maybe reupload them ?

17th August 2009 13:08

Well HK got permission from both modelers, so i dont see how you can blame him, and now he models fr...

22nd August 2009 14:08

Trying to work hard is a good initiative. i know i may seem harsh but you havnt tried hard enough. n...

23rd August 2009 18:08

Wow amazing i love your work. Chekc your pm by the way :D

23rd August 2009 18:08

Hey everyone, i have the trigger working well for my map where i open the doors. Though i read riche...

23rd August 2009 22:08

The ivory eagle? you mean the ebon hawk ;)

23rd August 2009 23:08

Ok thanks a lot for your help appreciated thanks again :p

23rd August 2009 23:08

Really ! mind showing a pic of the ivory eagle? PS: if you doubt about my ship i have proof, its no...

23rd August 2009 23:08