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IS there a Dc map pack anywhere?

3rd May 2003 08:05

Smell that?..................BULLSHIT!

2nd June 2003 08:06

wtf you talking about nut?

31st May 2003 23:05

Anyone starting any EoD clans ahead of release to get started on going with it b4 it releases?

31st May 2003 23:05

Geforce 2 Mx400 512mb ram 2.0ghz processer. Works....like the same. How do you get it to optimize DC...

1st June 2003 13:06

Hey list all the Eod vehicles so we all can get a good idea of whats in their MOD. Ill name a few......

2nd June 2003 00:06

Your GeForce card is bad. It must b corrupt. happened to me w/ the same crad they recalled all those...

2nd June 2003 08:06

NO i am joking just reinstall BF lol.

2nd June 2003 08:06

can't help you there buddy? You ****ed up your game.

2nd June 2003 08:06

NO you can change it in the admin console but i am nver admin soooo i don't know how. Hope that help...

31st May 2003 23:05


5th June 2003 11:06

got chicks?

6th June 2003 07:06

^T^&^%*^&%&^&%^^%^&%^&&((%%^&%$&%$$%$^$^%$&(think you know i...

6th June 2003 10:06


6th June 2003 10:06

NO JAD they are NOT waiting for 1.4! It says in the alpha information that it does NOTpport 1.4 YET.

6th June 2003 20:06


7th June 2003 01:06

damn happy new tear your name and sig is gay. Sorry but it sounds like your a ****ing hip.Had that d...

31st May 2003 23:05

HHAHHAAH I'm running!!!:moon: Catch me! :dance: :moon: Sorry guys didn't mean to get your hopes up...

29th May 2003 09:05

I keep seeing the Urban Gang warfare, but can somebody give me a link to it or give me some imput.

5th May 2003 04:05

Where the heck are these?

16th May 2003 07:05

Hey I just got Photoshop and I have 7.0. I had to Download the 7.01 patch(to make chrome skins) and...

6th May 2003 08:05

lol the the sorry

6th May 2003 08:05

hey i need help skinning chrome. Anybody help?

8th May 2003 06:05

What is the best crosshair color for fighting?

10th May 2003 05:05

Dude u can still play great. But there will be a milisecond of lag ! I HAVE 56k . I play online when...

10th May 2003 08:05
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