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This is the fifth thread with my name as the title and the second of which having to do with David H...

26th June 2006 23:06

I love you.

26th June 2006 23:06

I have that picture already. I think I used it (minus the dogs) for a christmas signature.

26th June 2006 23:06

Yeah, and I'm so using that image now.

26th June 2006 23:06

DavetheFo Hyvaa syntymapaivaa! I have no idea why I know that. Thank you, sir.

22nd June 2006 21:06

general rammelBook= El Book Table=El Table Box= El Box El libro y la mesa. Four years of German an...

22nd June 2006 14:06


27th June 2006 00:06

Motorola Razr V3

14th June 2006 15:06

DavetheFoYeah I noticed that as well. Makes a nice change :p YOU IS MOD! :eek:

12th June 2006 21:06

Make me.

13th June 2006 01:06

Oh, I think otherwise.

13th June 2006 03:06

Not quite yet. Give it a few months.

13th June 2006 03:06

ZOMG more Terragenned mountains. And Bowie.

13th June 2006 03:06

I would say Operation Peacekeeper ( , just hit English, cause the site wasn't...

13th June 2006 04:06

If you're looking for a futuristic RPG, try checking out Deus Ex. It's first person and six years ol...

13th June 2006 18:06

Everybody sunshine what a feeling to sing for freedom around the world Just like a vision there bef...

13th June 2006 19:06

Praise be.

14th June 2006 01:06


14th June 2006 16:06

DavetheFoThat thing is worse than spyware. Last I remember, AOL installs spyware like WildTangent....

22nd June 2006 14:06

Hi Red Menass.

14th June 2006 17:06

Oh, good one, chap.

14th June 2006 17:06

/me stabs Red.

14th June 2006 17:06

Damn you.

14th June 2006 18:06

I'm hoping that this isn't going to be canned or it's just a prank on IMDB, but it looks as if there...

15th June 2006 04:06

F-16C/D Block 40/42 (F-16 CG/DG) Entering service in 1988, the Block 40/42 is the improved all-day/a...

15th June 2006 04:06