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How about an amingdot in tanks, just like you have in the normal BF1942. This so you don't have to a...

21st October 2004 23:10

i gave up on mapping because i had that problem with vista. Everything is fast but that program

4th September 2009 00:09

AVOID ACER... anyway aside from telling you to avoid the makers of my computer (for a good reason) i...

16th September 2009 11:09

If you want a computer you can get a job and i know it sucks to have a paper route but that might be...

14th September 2009 23:09

maybe locking the computer with your own password

13th September 2009 10:09

I wish I could help but my comp doesn't work with that program

10th September 2009 03:09

Authuran;4999757 Announcer: It's a time of fun for the universe! However, it is not all peaceful! Je...

7th September 2009 23:09

i reinstalled jk3 and its all good

5th September 2009 02:09

maybe we have so many ppl at jk3files forum etc is because jk3 rocks

5th September 2009 02:09

i only had 1 hud in my base at once and i found the problem was somehow hidden in assits2

4th September 2009 05:09 Thats a repulse

4th September 2009 01:09

if i wanted i could go to futureshop and get it Edit: oh its preorder lol nvm

4th September 2009 01:09

Windows 7 has been released so i don't see why it can't be the main program

4th September 2009 01:09

i knew that blender had the capability for game models but i didn't know that it worked for jka whic...

3rd September 2009 12:09

Hi I'm busy on my huds and a problem that I always get is this bit of annoying white outline and a l...

17th September 2009 11:09

srry for double post but things got stranger cause first mod i put back and the hud comes back so i...

3rd September 2009 03:09

Thanks when i removed all but my one hud it worked thnks

3rd September 2009 03:09

i don't have ja+

3rd September 2009 02:09

even if i searched the side window id never find it cause it only shows folders i don't know if its...

2nd September 2009 08:09

sadly it only comes up with my experimental hud in the search bar

2nd September 2009 05:09

ive searched all my 53 pk3s and nothing :( do you have any other ideas please

2nd September 2009 02:09

I found that when i put a hud that im making into jk3 to see how its done it shows TFU HUD V2 i have...

2nd September 2009 02:09

it won't work because i don't know how to do that Edit: I am now working on Lego Starwars Hud where...

30th August 2009 01:08

i can do only do that to the custom one because then the original wouldn't look like like the tfu hu...

29th August 2009 22:08

srry about the double posts i have a bad habit about it and as for custom ive already started but i...

29th August 2009 13:08