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[COLOR=Red][FONT=Impact] I need a way to make reinforcements of a building (demo trap) to appear on...

14th November 2003 23:11

no it just wouldn't build look back and you'll see

25th December 2003 02:12

can't do that read the rules!!!!!!!!!!! :fistpunch: :smack: :spank: :angry: :mac10: :gr...

10th December 2003 18:12

add a kind of anti-tank grenade :nodding:

13th December 2003 22:12

okay here is a preliminary Weapon MobileLongRangeGrenadeWeapon PrimaryDamage = 20.0...

14th December 2003 01:12

generals files has a small server of it's own you can use 3rd one down

15th December 2003 01:12

umm is anybody still working on this?

15th December 2003 22:12

yes they're very useful tools

17th December 2003 13:12

i've got that problem too

22nd December 2003 00:12

ah :agreed

22nd December 2003 13:12

I think it died when I couldn't get the f-18 model to work

23rd December 2003 21:12

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figured out how to make buildings float!!! :dance: :Party1: :...

24th December 2003 17:12

my mod?????????????????

25th December 2003 15:12

i can't find it there would you give me an exact link? by the way it's not in the editing utilities...

9th December 2003 23:12

mirical modder??? I can't even get the f-18 to work!!! Oh and xtc sure add anything in you want iv...

28th December 2003 01:12

what if you don't want it AI?

28th December 2003 01:12

i figured it out!!! :dance: :clap: :Party1: :Party2: :Party3:

28th December 2003 01:12

try copying that part form the rocket buggy coding again and replacing the ExperienceValue = 50 50...

28th December 2003 15:12

can you use it for yourself?

28th December 2003 15:12

dosen't there need to be a 0 in the experience value?

28th December 2003 18:12

okay and how do you add different units to play against? do you have to use a special .ini file?

29th December 2003 03:12

I did everything those tutorials said but it dosen't work still. Maybe do you have to replace an a...

29th December 2003 13:12

in reference to post #2 by mirage I can tell you how to make the naval yard build on land and then...

8th February 2004 14:02

i had trouble with yuri's but it was because of scratched cd check yours also does anyone know...

22nd February 2004 19:02

it's okay some one can do that i mean the .csf editing and um AZH what did you mean by I'm a F...

10th December 2003 12:12