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My PC is too weak, I have no PS3 oder X360, I have a DS, but I don't like 3D graphics on, I...

8th November 2010 17:11

i just asked the same a few weeks ago (on Modding), from what I understanded of it, you'll need to k...

3rd November 2004 20:11

Hey, welcome on board, Hatzcooc! Yeah, FileFront is epic, thats right. ;)

29th October 2010 20:10

Hm, I can't find a InstallShield folder. I may search for it.

31st October 2010 19:10

Homework Work Boredom Frustration Doesn't work

31st October 2010 18:10

Answer for my problem in the KOTOR section please! It's important! (don't know where I should it po...

31st October 2010 18:10

Next year there will be a new, in May. I look forward to it, my computer sucks. My old graphic card...

31st October 2010 18:10

I just remember this problem. KotOR was my first RPG, yeah. But I uninstalled it. A few weeks ago,...

31st October 2010 18:10

Got XP.^^ There's only one word to say: FUCK. 10€ for nothing. New graphic card...I don't have enou...

31st October 2010 18:10

Hello guys, Today I bought one of my first RPGs: TES4: Oblivion. My PC should match the preferences...

31st October 2010 17:10

Welcome on Board! All's going well here.

30th October 2010 05:10

Pirates of the Carribbean 3: At World's End A cheap offer^^

29th October 2010 21:10

Deux Ex: Human Revolution Dragon Age 2 Bioshock Infinite Star Wars: The Old Republic Mass Effect III

29th October 2010 21:10

Welcome on board, GG!

29th October 2010 16:10

Welcome on board, Michelle! I like to have a PS3 too, but...well, no money.^^ Anyway, welcome!

1st November 2010 17:11

A Browsergame. Called Raze.

29th October 2010 13:10

Anytime there were a lot of pictures in there, I deleted them all. My hard drive was full.^^

29th October 2010 13:10

Uhm...I don't think about that. And I don't want to buy the classic suits, so I think...I go as myse...

28th October 2010 17:10

To make it short: Welcome PPM!

28th October 2010 16:10

Just played with my friend Battlefield 1942 in Singleplayer (it makes fun to shoot out the silly bot...

28th October 2010 16:10

Want so see my desktop? Got it! I just destroyed it... Spoiler: Show

28th October 2010 16:10

Admiral Donutz;5416553Welcome aboard the HMS Filefront fruend! Wie geth es dir? Mir geth es gut. Twe...

28th October 2010 15:10

Tenno Aang;5416158Hey there! P.S.: I'm sure we'll be able to set your head straight to play KotOR I...

27th October 2010 15:10

I just found an old game: Starcraft

27th October 2010 13:10

Two movies: The Mummy and The Dark Knight

27th October 2010 13:10