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Hell yea it is worth the money I just got back home and I found this forums it is awesome and I saw...

14th August 2004 19:08

Me? I'm straight. I still have respect for gays/lesbians/bisexuals, though. Whatever floats your bo...

9th July 2006 17:07


6th July 2006 21:07


6th July 2006 21:07

Steam games would be your best bet, as you can get "Internet Cafe" accounts for temporary use by cus...

6th July 2006 21:07

English is my first and foremost language, but I also know enough French and German to get by.

7th July 2006 08:07

We don't discuss copied games here. :lock:

7th July 2006 09:07


7th July 2006 12:07

Mmhmm. Only problem is that it has a row of stuck pixels. Which can be fixed, so it's not the end o...

7th July 2006 12:07


9th July 2006 17:07

BOOM Headshot!

6th July 2006 21:07

I see grammatical errors. THEY BURN!

9th July 2006 17:07

Irkin Invaderin my eyes it does, would yuiop be one Why are you still here?

9th July 2006 19:07

^ ftw. Alt+Win in my case, though.

9th July 2006 19:07

It works fine. You're just not running Windows Vista. (Customer preview public beta ftw.)

9th July 2006 20:07

A worthy observation.

9th July 2006 22:07


10th July 2006 08:07

SeinfeldRulesIP check is needed! Nada.

10th July 2006 09:07

Kommandant Ro╬▓There are many of these threads, and this one will probably be closed in due time. I s...

10th July 2006 10:07


6th July 2006 21:07

The format option isn't there. :uhm:

6th July 2006 20:07

Yeah, I've heard good things about Linksys - however I'd also recommend NetGear. I've got a NetGear...

10th July 2006 15:07

DesChut3sYou made my point more clearly than I could, "They will direct it to the manufacturer". Th...

5th July 2006 22:07

Can't you get one-off licenses that let you use it forever? IIRC they cost a ridiculous amount of mo...

5th July 2006 22:07

Oh. Not too bad then... As for your question, it depends if you want to continue running your forum...

5th July 2006 22:07