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hi I am an hounerable person who wants to join your clan can you please contact me thank you

9th September 2004 01:09

i like the jettrooper guy apart from his weapons suck, give him a blasterrifle dammit.

1st June 2006 13:06

Well you need no skills to move around a few dots and gmax is free ;) but if ya don't have time well...

31st May 2006 03:05

sorry i toild ya i'm new to the forum. anyhoo, yeh i have googled for it, not much their :(

31st May 2006 14:05

awsome! thankyou.

31st May 2006 14:05

wow, their pretty nice, good find.

31st May 2006 14:05

KouenI have to laugh at how people never check the site before posting this stuff. I also have to...

31st May 2006 19:05

plays great ingame :D

1st June 2006 13:06

they will do, thanks Phoenix_22! :)

1st June 2006 13:06

whoever said their wasn't enough time in the day.

2nd June 2006 01:06

thats a good point, changing a few vertices is too easy, if you use gmax i got a nice rigging into g...

31st May 2006 03:05

very cool job! not bad skin either, yep definatly a thumbs up.

3rd June 2006 15:06

another great weapon model! nice work ArcticMonkey!

3rd June 2006 15:06

i agree, it overall seems abit over filtered but thats just me.

7th June 2006 23:06

finally an actual thrawn skin, not the bartender dressed up, at last. Face is pretty good, yeh looki...

9th June 2006 03:06

HapSlash's Improved Imperial Officer correct?

9th June 2006 13:06

i believe that somebody did started to make it. Last year i believe on the void there was a thread a...

16th June 2006 02:06

could still look pretty cool with it there mind.

19th June 2006 13:06

save it as a jpg ;)

19th June 2006 13:06

O...M...G please give me a link to that clone :D

31st May 2006 03:05

Kemuellooking for opinions on whether they're worth releasing or not. ;)

31st May 2006 03:05

KouenNo, it's not gonna ruin anyone's life. It is going to piss off Mars Marshall, though. Plagiaris...

27th May 2006 23:05

looks quite awsome!, only thing i would suggest would be to make a shadow going over the eyes to mak...

29th May 2006 14:05

i see him as a staff weilder actually, is it possible to make the 2 singles into a double saber? I t...

28th May 2006 19:05

alot of new promo screenshots of Mara and Kyle have been uploaded to our moddb account. http://mods....

28th May 2006 19:05
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