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oops sry

15th April 2005 17:04

cool lol

31st December 2004 21:12

why dint you purchase the game whit steam ???

15th January 2005 18:01 to tweak a 9800 ati is :cool:

2nd February 2005 18:02

swat the fly get a free f.... the most annoying add of all time :mad:

15th February 2005 20:02

i dont know for dm for css its rcon changelevel mapname

28th February 2005 19:02

info for css server on windows

15th April 2005 17:04

enyone as info ? sry for bad english

15th April 2005 17:04

fragger rules

23rd December 2004 19:12

type net_graph 3 in console you get fps ping choke loss for online play its a cool tool

4th May 2005 16:05

lol fragger

21st June 2005 17:06

no crack or hack on this forum

23rd August 2005 16:08

im a old-time sof1 and sof2 player now i play in css dod bf2 and whit al the new games this mont fea...

9th October 2005 19:10

card overheats

11th November 2005 19:11

lol your all crazy :rolleyes:

28th April 2006 17:04

Don't worry about it Fragger.

31st December 2004 21:12

dont know how to get rocmod running with sof2runner help

9th May 2004 00:05

try too type in consol /rate 10000 in the game

19th March 2004 18:03

yaaa ad the same prob you need too go on the cz pub in cd wen instalig wer its says cz for 30$ and g...

28th March 2004 18:03

you need too go in the advert for cz and go too the linq www and fillup the shit

29th March 2004 17:03

lol yes its dumb

31st March 2004 17:03

ya Far Cry and Call of Duty is so slo not sof2 sof rules

14th April 2004 08:04

KRIPP CLAN is still under development, but its online..

21st April 2004 15:04

dont install osp in your base folder its c/program/ sof2 install the osp (serveur) den run the runn...

1st May 2004 08:05

yes yes yes thats it

2nd June 2004 16:06
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