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even with the bugs i love the mod the game runs faster looking forword to the next updates the Bi...

29th September 2003 22:09

he right this not the place for this butt if you dont know how to play with it dont just lea...

11th November 2003 15:11

lol my wife will love you for this and i can stop yelling at the screen to load the file .

15th November 2003 22:11

now stop that keep this on top

15th November 2003 22:11

there you go a fat pipe and no registration and no wateing NO way

15th November 2003 21:11

The Germans War Machine is going full steam ! New Deadly Weapons are being reported in all fronts...

15th November 2003 21:11

we have sent in are best man to recon no word yet

15th November 2003 20:11

stand up! hook up! 1-ok 2ok 3ok 4ok 5ok 6ok 7ok........... 90% stand in the door ! come on give m...

15th November 2003 18:11

lol MAX! MAX!! GO MAX!! GO !!! :lol: :rocket: :rock:

15th November 2003 18:11

downloading now cant wate hehe now that bc2 is working and no bugs ! i started a map and was test...

15th November 2003 17:11

its out if you didnot know! and it works set up first time woo hoo

15th November 2003 14:11

Lots of vehicles of FH feel out of place in current maps. For example strategic bombers and U boats...

12th November 2003 12:11

ooh ooh :confused: what role will the truck play in the game i just dont see it there are now 10 t...

6th November 2003 22:11

you too humm lol

16th November 2003 00:11

do thay have date set for the release ?

6th November 2003 13:11

oh no i though that all gamers had a 1GB jump drive i love 56k user quick kills hehe

6th November 2003 13:11

KARST by amaccann, aka montoya is one of the best maps i seen the map has good lay out and the AI w...

5th November 2003 17:11

it can be done but you need to ask is someone willing to do it .

5th November 2003 14:11

or you can go to your community collage most have t1 or better

5th November 2003 13:11

it be nice if i cud read how to DL sorry got now ty now i need some way to fix bc so i can run it...

5th November 2003 11:11

at lest you get that far i cant even edit BC just suck ass editer42 i dont know how to use it god i...

5th November 2003 08:11

Warez and talk of illegal CD keys and\or games is not tolerated in these forums. Better delete tha...

5th November 2003 06:11

you can D-L all those keys and the full game for as long as you know how

5th November 2003 05:11

i shor that FH will run just fine in bf V- Nam with the right pach work ;)

4th November 2003 10:11

when isit going to show up ?

15th October 2003 14:10