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The best i have playe lately is Ratchet and Clank 3 that game is awsome u should play it :nodding:

8th December 2004 23:12

I will be playing a game or listening to music or something of that nature then the sound totally sc...

22nd October 2005 20:10

My friend is gettin an ATI Radeon 9600 and hes wondering if its compatible with his motherboard, an...

27th June 2006 17:06

Alright sweet I got it, thanks a bunch man

30th May 2006 15:05

Whenever I plug in the UBS head it still say it is not connected to my PSP, I tried all the UBS port...

30th May 2006 00:05

I will be playing wow for about 2-5 mins the i will hear a "click" sound then my comp freezes, anyon...

16th January 2006 00:01

how do i turn on the "WLAN Switch"

26th December 2005 03:12

Well my bro got SW BF and when he tries to play it it loads up to the menu then something about a bu...

5th November 2005 23:11

Thanks guy for your help it worked perfect much appreciated =D

28th October 2005 19:10

Abit Nf7-sg2

27th October 2005 20:10

This is a repost of the problem i am currently having with my sound.The sound whenever i play a game...

25th October 2005 21:10

NVIDIA(R) nForce

23rd October 2005 14:10

AMD Athlon XP 2500+ 1.83 Ghz 512 RAM where do i get speakers and sound card i forgot

22nd October 2005 20:10

my machine aint near as good ATI Radeon 9600 AMD Athlon XP 2500+ 1.83 Ghz 512 RAM

22nd September 2005 23:09

Well I have a ATI Radeon 9250 and I checked the website for the drivers and I cant seem the find the...

11th July 2006 16:07

How much do memory sticks usually cost?

10th September 2005 17:09

ok i see thanks

10th September 2005 17:09

How do you upgrade your RAM?

10th September 2005 15:09

When i am installing the data from the second disk an error message pops up saying this The file "E:...

28th August 2005 15:08

thanks for the help pcgamer14,reven,great and radiant

13th August 2005 22:08

i plan on it the fan is so fuckin small and barely puts any exhaust out

13th August 2005 22:08

yes i have AIM, Chaoz Theroy, i have check my temps idle is bout 35'C and while runnin a game bout 3...

13th August 2005 22:08

DoD 1.6 BF2 WoW CS:S thats bout it

13th August 2005 22:08

my computer has too many critcal errors, i can only play a game for like 5 mins before it crashes.an...

13th August 2005 22:08

thanks again, i removed my case and put a fan up to it and my comps idle temp is down to 30' C and m...

10th August 2005 18:08