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Unfortunately there is no code for AI in Americas Army, so it is not possible to add bots to a game.

3rd December 2002 09:12

Use a key on your keyboard to shoot and not the left mousebutton. Worked for me.

2nd April 2003 10:04

This are the ports that need 2 be open: UDP ports 1716 for the game, 1717 for the gamequery, 1718 f...

8th July 2003 08:07

It's the computer that runs the server version of Teamspeak. The others have installed the client ve...

24th June 2003 14:06


20th June 2003 07:06

You know what makes me sick? Eating to much Jelly Beans!!!!

11th June 2003 13:06

I don't think that there will be more lagg. Back in the old days when I whas playing SOF2 the lagg b...

22nd May 2003 07:05

How do you get that [COLOR=skyblue]RANK[/COLOR] thingy under your name???

22nd May 2003 06:05

He wants to know how to make your own server.

12th April 2003 18:04

Check the Nade Raiders website http://members.cox.net/schnapss there you will find all the informati...

3rd April 2003 12:04

Did you search in the *.ini files in your AA directory? Maybe there is something in there. :uhm:

25th March 2003 14:03

I have seen people with a honor of 8 playing on Pipeline-servers. How come this is possible then?

3rd December 2002 09:12

The 128 mb on the 5800 Ultra is not a misprint. Why they have chosen for this...? I have no clue! F...

14th March 2003 12:03

You only have to regain the points you lost. :agreed:

12th March 2003 09:03

Where have you been the last few weeks (months)??? There is coming a new patch (1.6) within a coupl...

13th February 2003 16:02

Yeh, me too would like cars in AA:O. Just imagine driving around in your Porsche 911 doing some driv...

4th January 2003 21:01

The fog will allways stay at any map, just because they use it to improve the framerate of the playe...

18th December 2002 15:12

I think the problem is your videocard(drivers). Have you tried dowloading the newest drivers for you...

18th December 2002 11:12

Would like that! And put something in like when they are moving they make a lot of noise, and they o...

9th December 2002 13:12

Maybe its because you have picked up a second weapon... Once you have 2 weapons, you can't throw nad...

9th December 2002 09:12

Take that pistol and shuffle it to where the sun doesn't shine!!!

17th July 2003 11:07