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2 years ago by Krzysztof skowron


how use Dive Bomber Attack  in Podri?

2 years ago by Krzysztof skowron


I really like the Doodi map. I would like to play Podri but I have a mistake:

script runtime error 

(see console for details)

(file 'maps/mp/mp_podri.gsc', line 1)


******* script runtime error *******

undefined is not an entity: (file 'maps/mp/mp_podri_ground_mortars.gsc', line 322)

 botground15 hide(); 


called from:

(file 'maps/mp/mp_podri_ground_mortars.gsc', line 38)

thread mortar15();


called from:

(file 'maps/mp/mp_podri.gsc', line 6)



started from:

(file 'maps/mp/mp_podri.gsc', line 1)




I use the AdmiralMod mod and would like it to work with this mod.

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