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My game is all laggy ever since the patch... The beginning video is totally off-sync with the audio,...

1st April 2007 11:04

Well, with the SDK that might be able to be done... =P Just put in some drums, and make animations f...

14th May 2007 01:05

I wish I could model that well =/ Sab, you need to get me all caught up on whats going on.

26th June 2007 03:06

Teach me? Please? RustIronCrow- Yeah, its been a while since I've even THOUGHT about the file for...

22nd June 2007 12:06

I have the OGF viewer working. OGF files are currently "unknown" files, for the lack of a better wor...

21st June 2007 11:06

Oh, and uh, here is my source:

20th June 2007 23:06

Man, what did I miss? I've been gone for less than 2 weeks and there's all of this? Jesus. Damn Fr...

20th June 2007 22:06

This will have to most likely be a mod done with the SDK, considering it would be a locational thing...

31st May 2007 12:05


31st May 2007 11:05

3DS Max isn't free. You gotta pay. Its really confusing, though. I've tried it before and I don't li...

24th May 2007 11:05

I use Blender. And I was referring to the .OGF->.OBJ converter. As to converting them back, I...

23rd May 2007 09:05

I'm pretty sure that 3DS Max can open .obj files... Can you send me the link, please? I wanna check...

23rd May 2007 08:05

I'm working on an M16A1 model for this... Hopefully we'll get an importer/exporter with the SDK.

23rd May 2007 08:05

holy shit... How did you do that?

23rd May 2007 08:05

Note that I said coming SDK, rather than the SDK. Start now, release when the full thing comes out.

20th May 2007 00:05

And now with the coming SDK, this would be a perfect time to start!

17th May 2007 21:05

Well, they way it was typed indicated that you didn't want anything new put into the game. So be car...

14th May 2007 01:05

Yeah same thing happened here. I went to a small camp with 3 people, killed one with my knife and th...

1st April 2007 11:04

What I was saying is we create things like models and textures, save them UNTIL the SDK is released,...

14th May 2007 01:05

If you are a modder of any kind, and you havn't done so already, may I suggest creating new content...

14th May 2007 00:05

Grenadier, modding is the concept of adding things to a game. This here is the modding forum, where...

13th May 2007 21:05

There should be an easier way for anyone to do it, so I can add my Led Zeppelin in there =D

13th May 2007 10:05

Found it, thanks for the help :)

7th April 2007 13:04

Um.. Sure! Thanks! Yeah, I've noticed that they translate Shotgun in Russian to Rifle.

6th April 2007 19:04

Ah, thank you! I shall go try that now!

6th April 2007 12:04
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