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[color=red]simply, a gun flare mod. its not too much to ask... is it??[/color]

14th August 2004 11:08

wtf is TLC?

19th September 2005 20:09

Castle Wolfenstein -1981 Wolfenstein 3d -1991 Return to Castle Wolfenstein -2001 wolfenste...

26th June 2005 21:06

my internets working right again so i can go onto websites yay!

7th September 2005 07:09

cool this mod is gonna rock:D

10th September 2005 20:09

:p get half-life 2 cos it owns all fps's and u get half-life 2:dm and cs:s and if u get the other pa...

11th September 2005 10:09

man nova propect was hard and i hated that part with the turrets has well [ but then later i...

19th September 2005 20:09

[ but then later in that part when u look through the camera tv and u see the antlion guard get ki...

19th September 2005 20:09

maybe god damn undead

18th October 2005 17:10

i got half-life2 from retil and it worked on steam

26th June 2005 10:06

ive just notised in hl 2 when the teleport goes all wrong theres an icky but in game u never see 1

13th November 2005 13:11

fifa sux on pc and it sux on all consoles pro evo is much better

13th November 2005 13:11

i had a prolame with under 2.4 where u had 2 kill the cardboard men lol

13th November 2005 13:11

ive been a member 4 well...idk lol

13th November 2005 13:11

oh ive been a member sence april the 27th and ive only did 26 post lol

13th November 2005 13:11

8/10 cos idk who that guy is and it looks like a germen guy from WW2 rofl

13th November 2005 13:11

wjp32castle wolfenstein is not the WOLFENSTEIN series :D yep your right

26th June 2005 21:06

this as happened to me before with my half-life1 i had to find a way to get the game onto steam so i...

26th June 2005 10:06

realistic gun flare that lights the place up when shooting in the dark - blind shooting can get frus...

14th August 2004 14:08

Psychotic GerbilWell, if you were to attempt to pose the CT ragdoll and the Gman ragdoll in Garry's...

14th June 2005 11:06

As I play and shoot in the dark the area which I'm in remains dark - the only light sources i get ar...

14th August 2004 15:08

Are there any mods to make the muzzle flash better than it is normally?? As it stands, it's pretty l...

15th August 2004 15:08

cool moh in source 1 of the best mods for half life2 maybe but we all have to wait

3rd May 2005 13:05

they are crap files im drinking:beer:

22nd May 2005 21:05

nice cool lol

24th May 2005 13:05
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