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ok pplz, i guess this the recruitment forum then....

27th October 2006 12:10

kool, btw get on msn, so we can decide on more mandalorian troops

13th October 2006 15:10

u mean like a real globe?, ill try

13th October 2006 21:10

no the forums, are shut down, i think the host flushed us

15th October 2006 11:10

we have forum backed up, all stuff will be mostly same:)

15th October 2006 13:10

no matter CC501, ur banned for another 3 days 7 hours and 27 minutes XD

20th October 2006 10:10

was that supposed to convince me? dont flame me and assigning xmls is a babys job, im discussing wit...

22nd October 2006 07:10

ok ive deleted all of u and ur bros posts on our forums, u can come bak, ull have to re-register, im...

23rd October 2006 13:10

dont yell XD, ill try

24th October 2006 13:10

z3r0x;3288712 Ja...

25th October 2006 12:10

wen we have models ingame, then ill have a better idea at doing the maps XD

30th October 2006 12:10

:bawl: this isnt so good

13th October 2006 09:10

yep ok, email is fine

31st October 2006 04:10

no we dont, dont try anything

1st November 2006 12:11

how do u join what? the forum? or the mod?

2nd November 2006 04:11

umm......what u said.....

2nd November 2006 12:11

just shut up CC501....and btw wat exactly am i abusing?

3rd November 2006 18:11

umm, i just installed FoC and when i start it says something about a security thing ina gray box and...

3rd November 2006 18:11

a required security modile can not be activated. This program can not be executed.

4th November 2006 04:11

CC501, before i unbanned u from the forum, i said that i would forgive and forget watever happend, a...

4th November 2006 16:11

kool!, i guess ill see u on the forums, eh?

6th November 2006 17:11


13th October 2006 10:10

its supposed to be blocky, its been cartooned

13th October 2006 06:10

yea, its corrupted, when u attach it, make sure the consortium isnt nearby

12th November 2006 17:11

nice, i saw this on moddb, i might be good concept artist or writer.....=)

4th October 2006 15:10