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Hollow Ichigo;3680291You gonna make execution place too? i was planning on attempting to make that...

17th May 2007 01:05

yo for anyone that knows what models have been made and are in the process of being made? ones that...

5th January 2008 11:01

so the only thing thats being done is Byakuya? :@ ggrrrr

8th February 2008 20:02

i added you to msn now ^^ n e way back on subject n e progress?

1st February 2008 21:02

i never got a pm from you thats why i never replied

29th January 2008 22:01

Zeke;4183439you are the second girl to scare me O_o btw pm reply ftw! and you damn right shud be im...

29th January 2008 05:01

damn right i'm gonna beat him up to make sure :P

28th January 2008 22:01

lol ill make him retrieve the files :P

21st January 2008 04:01

that really sux howd they get lost (dammit people should keep em on flash drives or summin)

2nd January 2008 02:01

watch your mouth or ill ave u... ^^

8th February 2008 23:02

hmm how far on is this mod now? last time i checked there were like a few models done whats actuall...

1st January 2008 14:01

hey Gir what modeling program you use?

1st January 2008 14:01

Stormrage add me as a friend though im not on alot atm as im not at home much currently

25th September 2007 15:09

i can model a bit but im not great and i dont know how to make them useable in Ja or put textures on...

7th September 2007 17:09

WOW bleach musical sweet I HAVE TO HAVE TICKETS

4th September 2007 23:09

the top one looks cool it looks a bit like demon wings kinda texture ^^

3rd September 2007 22:09

i agree my sister is one of those people who have gone and baught the dvd and shovved it up her arse...

3rd September 2007 22:09

bleh seems like this mod has totally died now :(.... dammit.... i wud make a few maps but my Ja CD b...

8th February 2008 21:02

^^ yeps :P >.< me wants JA CD1 :( someone copy me it and send it me :P

8th February 2008 23:02

if anyone knows how to take the models made and make them so they can be used in JK3 i will make som...

3rd September 2007 19:09

my map got rejected coz of the hidden room, which is supposed to be a porn room but i didnt think it...

2nd May 2008 20:05

The Soleutator;4756774By the way, some of the maps in the screenshots need some anti-boxiness work....

8th January 2009 00:01

im having a little trouble with a map im making, i need to merge some brushes as things have got a l...

4th January 2009 04:01

CrashmanX;4410156Some one needs to be a modeler and make Chads arm as a saber maybe, hmm anyone know...

1st July 2008 20:07

that is sasuke's katana isnt it?

26th June 2008 04:06