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No thats on EVERY brush that is selected

31st January 2010 02:01

Well now.... This is new. All my Cruves are Black (i imported the map from my old comp btw) and... w...

31st January 2010 00:01

-_- Its the outline of the brush... Anywho fixed. Its just a little annoyce now and it only happends...

30th January 2010 12:01

YYYYEEEESSSS!!!!!!! Problem Sloved! But uh, Im getting a diangonal line on each brush.... ill check...

29th January 2010 13:01

Gah, Dl'ed it... finally (odd... i didnt know SoF ran on quake engine... anywho SoF files ftw) But n...

29th January 2010 11:01

Th wall texture still looks.... werid

28th January 2010 08:01

@ #2: DId that @ #3: Filefront

26th January 2010 23:01

So i download GTK 1.5 (new comp) and i get the microsoft error report and im like "Aw jesus" (new co...

26th January 2010 11:01


11th January 2010 01:01

Shouldn't be too much of a task, I'll do it when I get back from work tomorrow.

21st October 2011 10:10