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Depends on what your using it for :p imo

15th September 2010 10:09

Well. It would either be main.Menu or just Main

9th October 2010 03:10

Ehm. I think You can on your second question. In MP. I think. Maybe. SP There is a thing I think.

8th October 2010 04:10

Ehm. Can We see some pictures? And Why cant you switch back to 1.4? no Bugs!

4th October 2010 07:10

AshuraDX;5403666O.o my secret tip is : listen to osme fast music while modding XD I agree 100%

3rd October 2010 04:10

Yea, We are being forced to use aviary @ school in my animation class. All the computers have the en...

2nd October 2010 20:10

Nah, Hes Just the Quickest to respond xD. But yea, Try static.

1st October 2010 10:10

You know, there is a Master Sticky on this I do believe ... Hmmm Guess there isn't, *looks at the se...

29th September 2010 10:09

Mhm, If ya want, I can copy/paste the entire 45 minute convo they had earlyer today on IRC.

27th September 2010 00:09

An ASE Converter is for if you want a misc_model in your map. It converters your map into a .ASE fil...

14th September 2010 21:09

Well, I dont know if this should of gone in the Q3 Team Arena Forum but, Quake Released their Q3 eng...

24th August 2010 07:08

Or are you talking about an .ASE converter? If so,

14th September 2010 04:09

having only like... what... 3 mappers do we have now? is no fun :bawl:

9th September 2010 09:09

Heh I made one of those for my SP Clone Wars mod. Thats aLOT of work right there... hell, Its about....

3rd September 2010 21:09

Mod Mod, Like TC or like models etc?

29th August 2010 09:08

Prep-Air for the stress marks!

25th August 2010 20:08

MUG806;5383207Aye, I'm almost tempted to make too many projects atm as it is however =( Sa...

25th August 2010 20:08

-.- tis was a joke

24th August 2010 20:08

LOL! Well, I was hoping to get an Error free radaint, ah well, ill stick with 1.5

24th August 2010 09:08

:P I might of missed it xD

24th August 2010 07:08

Ty :D. And is there away I can have a scripted event happen only on siege. Lets just say, a model...

9th July 2010 05:07

Heh No offense. I just woke up and i didn't entirely understand everything i was reading :rolleyes:...

6th July 2010 01:07

I Agree with Milhail. Think, If UFO's Where out, It would cause mass panic and confusion. "Do they...

13th October 2010 10:10

Have u tryed easygen?

19th May 2010 07:05

o.o Im a mapper not a modeler but to me that looks aswome! Even more for a first time

5th June 2010 10:06