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Caulk! Caulk is Your Friend! Caulk is your Wife! Caulk is your soul! Btw, wheres the link to the Sem...

5th June 2010 07:06

Hm... Did u have Radiant or JKA Running at the time you had Pakscape Running?

4th June 2010 05:06

I think your putting in the wrong music file Try music/t2_dpred/impbase_explore

31st May 2010 23:05

target_sound And edit the world spawn for music...

31st May 2010 20:05

Well Weapon Spawning you need a misC_ammo_rack usually (Unless im worng) For NPC SPAwning... You nee...

29th May 2010 09:05

-Raz0r-;5325589Wait, I don't even know what you want...o_O Nor Did I, So I guessed. :facepalm:

27th May 2010 08:05

Ok, So you want to Make the MP Maps SP? Impossible without Decompile and Recompile... and illeagle,

27th May 2010 05:05

Oho, Do u have pics?

26th May 2010 05:05

seta motd?

15th May 2010 19:05

Lololol. Then What?

8th June 2010 08:06

Sorta That would be the uderside, the top would be a landing pad

15th May 2010 05:05

Well, Its not exactly Kamino Pads I want but what i want is a landing pad that looks like a upside d...

14th May 2010 10:05

I wished they released it.... AND the SP sorce....

12th May 2010 10:05

Mk Lol, I was just thinking about the Halo 1 Sniper Rifle, and it had the stands out Lol

12th May 2010 08:05

Mmmm, You Should have the Stands folded out, not in

12th May 2010 07:05

Ok ill copy and paste my friends problem; Spoiler: Show Um ive been having some troubles with DRAGO...

12th May 2010 06:05

Heh This wasn't for me, it was for a friend, but ok TY

11th May 2010 06:05

Ok ty

11th May 2010 06:05

Ok.... That was the dicionary word for SDK, Doesnt Help me much...

10th May 2010 09:05

Cause 1 Million HP Dmg in one Explosion!

7th June 2010 00:06

Lolol /agree. I <3 the Old MC one.

8th June 2010 09:06

Ryojin;5352672A TFU mod? How original! Almost as original as a Clone Wars mod! -.- A TFU mod would...

5th July 2010 20:07

Still didn't Work. :(

25th June 2010 21:06

Kk, I guess ill start looking for my infamous spelling and grammar errors.

5th July 2010 20:07

Ok, I'm not 100% sure where to place this, but I have a question. I have a nice detailed .pdf file t...

5th July 2010 05:07