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lol wut?

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I disliked both games. But I suppose the replay value for multiplayer goes to Farcry 2 - for the abi...

28th December 2008 07:12

I see the title of the thread actually made you come here my children. Here I shall introduce t...

23rd January 2009 16:01

You nab. You can do it. It would just be hard. Color pick the background behind each part of the tex...

5th February 2009 07:02

Junk Angel's is smexy.

4th February 2009 05:02

FiRe^PLaY;4792123Ah Cheers man, looks good apart from you smudged Phil's face on the left cheek :(...

4th February 2009 04:02

Uh well here you go. I'd recommend using either the DIGZ text or the other not both. But I put both...

3rd February 2009 18:02

Lol, pretty good sigs for PSP.

3rd February 2009 10:02

My first Large Art .)

3rd February 2009 08:02

Uh I use the defualt ones. The circle brushes. Here are my settings:

3rd February 2009 08:02

Thanks for the comments .)

3rd February 2009 06:02

Thanks :>

3rd February 2009 06:02

As you can see I'm trying to use smudgings more.

3rd February 2009 05:02

I saw this awhile back while searching PS3 exclusives on Wiki. I'll wait till I see actual gameplay...

28th January 2009 11:01

Circuit City has been failing for awhile now so it's no surprise.

18th January 2009 13:01

My question is how do you know what piss water tastes like? That may have affected your taste buds.

28th December 2008 07:12

If it wasn't registered to him how do we know it really is his bike?

7th January 2009 09:01

Lord of The Rings?

6th January 2009 04:01

Heath Ledger's magic trick.

29th December 2008 08:12

Check Rockstar Games: Grand Theft Auto IV on one of the PC's in game. They may be able to provide yo...

29th December 2008 06:12

I think seeing a cat's point of view can be a very rewarding experience. Say you suspect your cat ha...

28th December 2008 16:12

Thanks for the comments guys.

28th December 2008 08:12

Tricorder;4741992In no particullar order: Melissa Joan Hart If it doesn't have to do with talent....

28th December 2008 08:12

28th December 2008 08:12

Admiral_Antilles;4647513Simple is always the best for userbars. I like this one. The first one is...

28th December 2008 07:12

I played Left 4 Dead with my girlfriend.

28th December 2008 07:12
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