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I'm new to online gaming.. but own SOF2. My PC must have a card already, as I bought it new a few...

10th May 2004 02:05

The binds work.. but the sounds don't. I get the msg in yellow up the top saying could not find e...

13th January 2005 22:01

^ nope.

14th January 2005 09:01

Still nothing. Now the binds won't even work. When I press @126 for say_ello_to_my_little_fren.. i...

14th January 2005 04:01

There's nothing easier IMO. When I try in-game.. aside from messing around when I could be playin...

14th January 2005 03:01

Yep.. all there and correct. Ppl use it on the server I play on but the sounds just don't work fo...

14th January 2005 00:01

Yup.. they're there. MP3's. Path is.. ProgramFiles/SOF2/rocmod/STA_SCARFACE_sounds/ then...

13th January 2005 23:01

I've no idea.. I just d/l'd the file. How can I check?

13th January 2005 23:01

Is it possible?

13th January 2005 21:01

My mate has got SOF2 silver.. but he added the Gold patch yeah. Can he play on SOF2 gold servers st...

16th January 2005 10:01

How do I do this?

9th January 2005 03:01

Many thanks! Put in the Multiplayer OSP folder yeah?

22nd December 2004 23:12

I looked there but couldn't find SOF2 ones. Do I just d/l all the betas?

22nd December 2004 23:12


22nd December 2004 22:12

Hi.. I just formatted.. so I'm gonna re-install SOF2 in a bit. Last time it took me ages to find t...

22nd December 2004 21:12

Rofl.. my bad. I didn't think when typing that msg.

13th September 2004 02:09

I'll try the server for the sound mods man.

14th January 2005 21:01

I think it's fair to say that SOF2 has it's fair share of hackers. For anyone using bots or hacks...

15th June 2005 01:06

I don't use Yahoo.. but I still have the problem.

7th November 2005 20:11

I have the same problem.. although after a minute or so of 'crashing' the server is fine.. it's just...

25th October 2005 00:10

|KKK| Clan New clan.. just for fun really. We have a forum at Any...

20th October 2005 17:10

Hi.. when entering a server.. a friend of mine has this error msg. Anyone know why this is and what...

22nd October 2005 00:10

I use the Scorpion MP5 skin with the new sound.. it's awesome.

21st October 2005 07:10

I use the MP5. More accurate and silent. AK47.. don't like using it personally.

21st October 2005 07:10

As far as I know.. it does affect the storyline. I tried both.. and you have to go to different pl...

10th September 2004 02:09
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