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[COLOR=Navy]In what for map can i find the Carro Armato M13/40? In the web of FH can i not foundt it...

16th April 2007 23:04

Hi, you can change the music by a setup. The menu music and load music, are different than the origi...

30th December 2008 11:12

Hi! I am not a map maker. But I have a question. Are there maps in which the Finnish army is active?...

2nd November 2008 00:11

Nobody know it?

2nd November 2008 00:11

Thank you.

2nd November 2008 02:11

deathfromabove2010;4661295we talkin' FH1 or FH2 here? Sorry, its about the First Forgotten Hope. ;)

2nd November 2008 06:11

.Invictus.;4672723Don't panic! Don't jump out of windows! Help will come! Sorry, too late. :uhoh:

10th November 2008 02:11

Is "Hungarian front" still active? There were weapons and vehicles in FHSW activated from Hungarian...

10th November 2008 10:11

Hi, I hope you understand me. As a resident of Ypres, First World War expert and member of a commem...

12th November 2008 06:11

I forget something. The First World War is over. However, there are victims every year. By the thous...

12th November 2008 07:11

Anzac Memorial in Fromelles Tyne Cot Cemetery German Cemetery in Langemark, the Deutscher Sol...

13th November 2008 00:11

Hi. After 1 year logged on File Front, I will propose myself. My name is Rino and I'm 20 years old....

14th November 2008 00:11

Hi, There is a strategy game in which the tank is used. I have heard this by a friend. But my friend...

17th November 2008 06:11

Its ok, i found it. Its "Beware of the Boys"

8th January 2009 03:01

Hi to all! I do not know that I can place this problem here. Is it not, excuse me. At Seelow Height...

29th October 2008 19:10

Hi, what is the name of the Italian song in Forgotten Hope 2? (Map Siege of Giarabub) Thanks

8th January 2009 03:01

Thank you! You makes me happy! ;)

8th January 2009 07:01


13th January 2009 06:01

Hi, how can i remove my minimap and other stuff in Battlefield 1942?

19th January 2009 09:01

Hi, how can i make an map with buildings that you can destroy? I make an map about Great Britain. Bu...

7th March 2009 21:03

=SoBF=Starbuck;4831231I don't think that that is possible using the BF1942 engine. Now BF1943 on the...

10th March 2009 20:03

Where can i found the Battlecraft tools for FHSW? The last version?

16th April 2009 22:04

When I want to play Battlefield 1942 online (standard maps, except a few), crash my Battlefield. I p...

2nd May 2009 19:05

Is Hungarian front ready to play? :confused:

3rd May 2009 21:05

Lupin;4882398If I recall they were absorbed by the FHSW mod. Wow..........2 maps. :uhm:

5th May 2009 22:05