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I have the same problem, except with the titans expansion, but not AoM. Specs: P4 2.6GHz 256 RAM 64...

3rd September 2004 00:09

right well we already astablished that we'll need some sort of credit to make them say yes so LETS G...

24th October 2006 19:10

yea NOW THATS the true meanin of thanxgivin lol

24th October 2006 21:10

yea so if u wanna help please talk to BD as he is now head of our apps department.....n i want to pu...

24th October 2006 21:10

i luv eatin at thanxgivin...umm i mean....i luv killin them elites in halo wars at thanxgivin lol

24th October 2006 21:10

yea im a fly boy....n daemon hunter....I'LL SMACK THE SIT RIGHT OUTTA U BOY!!!!!

24th October 2006 20:10

yea remember that everyone uve now gotta b professional cuz u may represent Morter Games n if the na...

24th October 2006 20:10

its canadian

24th October 2006 19:10

wells theres gotta b sum typr of monster for every area like for the n00bs n stuff that dont wanna f...

23rd October 2006 21:10

its gonna b an entire new game n me n sekmet r workin on the email to GW but we will need a demo don...

24th October 2006 21:10

hmmm.....well to answer ur question about the website i've already got one in progress but it wnt b...

23rd October 2006 21:10

this should be in the halo clan forum

22nd October 2006 23:10

yea they r really tall if u put it like that, n every spartan is only ocnsidered to be as strong as...

22nd October 2006 23:10

right n these elites r 10 ft tall(wikipedia yay!) n definetly a lot kooler lookin

22nd October 2006 20:10

well anythin thats possible is always improved upon so i guess u could get the flyable ships.

22nd October 2006 17:10

sry bout that but anyway wuts the deal with the giant elites from the trailer? theyre like 3ft tal...

22nd October 2006 17:10

actually i was gonna use it to represent me as ive done for the 10k year background he has....n hes...

24th October 2006 21:10

no hes defferent n its to hard to explain without the history

24th October 2006 23:10

i always thought it was Exterminatus...maybe it ws a typo...or not

22nd October 2006 13:10

o so sekmet u cant say hi to me too lol

31st May 2007 23:05

or u could hav 2 librarians, 1 commander, n 1 chaplain in a termy squad n only count it as 1 HQ

10th April 2007 14:04

This Thread Needs To Be Closed Right Now!!!!!!! Lol Admins Look At This!!!! Lol

25th October 2006 18:10

so r u guys jus gonna talk bout a game tha would b like this or r u actually goin to try n make it?

16th December 2006 21:12

ok we hav moved work on this over to We r the ppl that h...

11th December 2006 19:12

well first off i think the harder it is the better cuz challenges r fun n legendary isnt that hard...

28th October 2006 00:10