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Mercz likes TF2.

1st September 2010 15:09

good luck on... the island from Lost?

1st September 2010 15:09

It's not that easy when there are multiple videos autoplaying on the same page.

1st September 2010 15:09

An option to prevent youtube videos from autoplaying.

1st September 2010 14:09

D.Sporky!;5389074Hmmm...maybe the environmentalists that run this country should let us drill for oi...

3rd September 2010 20:09

Pepe Lopez Usagi Yojimbo Asstronaut Dick Diver 500 The Melon Felon King Latifah Hercules Butterswor...

4th September 2010 14:09

book;5390211No, it isn't the 4chan runoff, that has always been a problem, I think it is just the ne...

6th September 2010 14:09

"Two KFC buckets away from upsetting the planet's rotational axis."

8th September 2010 16:09


8th September 2010 05:09

That's not so bad. I heard the HP books drew a lot on classics. It's really just a clever way to get...

8th September 2010 04:09

How does she feel about Bunnicula?

8th September 2010 01:09

They should check to see if the church has increased their insurance a lot recently. They could be t...

7th September 2010 22:09

OMG Becky look at her butt and RGC's avatar.

7th September 2010 04:09

n0e;5390913Ok. It's time to reset post counts. I hope you enjoyed your flight on bored admin airline...

6th September 2010 23:09

What the fuck is wrong with you people?

6th September 2010 23:09

sure it did buddy. suuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrre it did.

6th September 2010 23:09

6th September 2010 19:09

You'd have to change your name to Admiral Deeznutz.

6th September 2010 19:09

Change it so that any time someone tries to open a thread it goes to this one.

6th September 2010 17:09

When was the last time Christians were fried in pig fat?

6th September 2010 14:09

Nite is mad because now he has to get a new method of procuring the hookers he murders. I can unders...

6th September 2010 14:09

It's weird that they think Obama has direct control over some random church in Florida. Is that due...

6th September 2010 14:09

I like these ones too. Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show Spoiler: Show

6th September 2010 02:09

Get a dick on your forehead.

6th September 2010 01:09

Anyways, say what you like. Revolutions are one thing the French do well.

5th September 2010 20:09