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i have a question when this mod whill be ready....? anwser please

4th March 2008 00:03

oh Lord.. please send me link to Your version of this skin, otherwise I'l kill all of my family and...

15th September 2010 21:09

I want to ask, does anyone seen the anakin model from the clone wars ? Can you send link ? He looks...

15th March 2010 04:03

can you send me link ? pls ;]

15th March 2010 05:03

Maybe I can finish it ? Where can I get the model file ? Can I ? ;>

15th March 2010 06:03

thx a lot ;]

16th March 2010 04:03

It's not so bad I think, but You guys need to fix a lot of things, this bandages are so fucking suck...

13th September 2010 04:09

good tips ;]

13th September 2010 21:09

But You know.. I love ya like a brother and brother.. Brother is a family too ;p

15th September 2010 21:09

no becouse i can't compile it and i not able to create skin ;/

20th October 2009 14:10

Hi, I need help with animsevents.cfg. What I want to do is to add an (efx) effect to a single animat...

19th July 2011 23:07

AshuraDX;5532990you're trieing to bolt an effect to a tag that's used by your sword model by modifin...

19th July 2011 23:07

Now my animsevents.cfg looks like this: UPPEREVENTS { BOTH_A3_SPECIAL AEV_EFFECT 1 force/buste...

20th July 2011 01:07

so now it looks like this and still no effect is played in game ;\ Spoiler: Show UPPEREVENTS {...

21st July 2011 04:07

The same.. no effect is playing ;\ Spoiler: Show UPPEREVENTS { BOTH_A3_SPECIAL...

22nd July 2011 06:07

Again nothing ;\ Spoiler: Show UPPEREVENTS { BOTH_A3_SPECIAL AEV_EFFECT 1 forc...

22nd July 2011 21:07

DarthStevenus;5534421This may sound like a stupid question, but your animevents file doesn't just ha...

23rd July 2011 01:07

mesh i think yes but i will not compile it and texture becouse i can't

11th November 2009 22:11

I was looking for Crisis Core zack model for so long and founded nothing ;/ if you will remind wher...

26th September 2009 15:09

hello when this mod will be ready....?

4th March 2008 23:03

i see now thx...

2nd July 2008 01:07

Hi when this mod will be ready ....? day, week, month ....? This mod is a great idea :bows:

10th March 2008 22:03

Kyoku MaggoT;4257813I like it, but the hair needs to be a lighter darker, or more brown, he kind of...

12th March 2008 19:03

i cant wait when i will download this mod :bawl:

12th March 2008 19:03

Can it be more like that...????:confused:

12th March 2008 21:03
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