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Hmm, a Sephiroth Fan so I would really love having such a skin. it would actually take a whole new m...

24th August 2002 02:08

more than likely. it will take a whil though. for modeling an d stuff

8th September 2002 04:09

admin delet this thread pleas, i meant to post a reply but clicke d wrong button.

4th September 2002 02:09

NO NO NO! you got it all wrong! square an sony ported ff7 over tot he ps2 and rereleased it. that cl...

4th September 2002 02:09

No, it stayed the same with graphics except for that egg and one that you can fight the saphire weap...

4th September 2002 04:09

cg_thirdpersonangle 180 that will make it go to the front, any other number, well youll get...

5th September 2002 03:09

sephiroth jedi, it is bind j screenshot (j being whatever key you want it to be)

5th September 2002 03:09

first of yu gotta be in multiplayer. then you type in devmapall ffa ns_streets just an examp...

5th September 2002 10:09

Lol! no. its an amusment park in Final Fantasy 7. its real big.Its a fun game, you should play it so...

6th September 2002 19:09

Back at the ffinsider forums, they have this whole separate section where people create a fantasy ch...

6th September 2002 19:09

if only you had read our thread you would know we already have several in the works. vincent, tifa,...

6th September 2002 21:09

no, remember. Me and Cloud_guy are still tryin to get the models for Aeris and tifa but the guy said...

8th September 2002 23:09

HINT: I didnt say "you love Comablack"

3rd September 2002 10:09

sorry about not bein here much. i been spendi a lot of time at the FFinsider Forums.

8th September 2002 23:09

I'll get on it right away! thanks CG!

13th September 2002 10:09

My copy of 3dsmax shit the bed and my brother lost the disk. I'm as pissed as you are.

14th September 2002 03:09

belive me, its in the works here. I once was part of the project for a bunch of ff models, and as so...

20th September 2002 05:09

i dunno about pictures of the model. i'm not the one doing it. the ones im doing are the Tifa And ae...

20th September 2002 06:09

Heey! cloud guy ur back! u bin to the FFI forums yet. real fun!

20th September 2002 07:09

NO NO NO! I'm not doing the sephiroth model MBO is doing that... i think. if not then somebody is,...

20th September 2002 07:09

SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETT can't wait! wish i could work on mine tho :(

24th September 2002 09:09

The link doesn't work :(

13th October 2002 03:10

*claps* Not bad!

13th October 2002 03:10

NO NO NO! you all got it wrong. square an sony ported ff7 over to the ps2 and rereleased it, does th...

4th September 2002 02:09

Sephiraith, did you ever try resurrecting her on the Playstation 2 version, thats what im talkin abo...

3rd September 2002 09:09