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Defender is a Modification for JA:MP. Its basic aim is to convert JK3 into a 3rd and 1st person shoo...

25th May 2008 21:05


1st April 2010 08:04

He's not the messiah... He's a very naughty boy!

17th March 2010 15:03

Look out. The Homo Squad is about

17th March 2010 15:03

How do I make it so that I cannot see other Parts of the Map when Im looking through Glass? Thanks...

20th March 2010 23:03

Its a Large Window but you can see a bit of the map even though its quite far away.

21st March 2010 01:03

Go Play L4D Joking.. I cant stand that game Looks good. Nice Coding going on there.

21st March 2010 01:03

Ah. Also. Are there any good Waterfall Tutorials out there?

21st March 2010 15:03

Tried ( and most likely failed ) a Colorsplash thingy. Didnt go by any tutorials just played on phot...

25th March 2010 18:03

Okay, So I just installed KOTOR II, Never before installed on this computer. I have everything on my...

28th March 2010 21:03

Gah I edited it about 5 times to include the Proper Info and I cant believe I forgot my OS. Im runn...

28th March 2010 23:03

Made for one of my RP Characters

28th March 2010 23:03

Beautiful. Simply Beautiful. I wont state the obvious flaw as its been stated already. Maybe Try a c...

28th March 2010 23:03

I Used to Text RP on Forums like Proboards and stuff but I RP in JKA now ( as well as some Text RPin...

29th March 2010 10:03

All will Fear my Normal Postness

1st April 2010 08:04


16th March 2010 21:03

No brainz farts how long I spent trying to align sum of the stuff on this

1st April 2010 08:04

Damn Aprils Fools

1st April 2010 08:04

My Fine Fellows it seems I am immune from this 'Kitten' Virus. I shall swiftly concoct an Antidote f...

1st April 2010 08:04

Hmmmmmmmm.. It seems my Time Machine has malfunctioned, Does anyone retain a spare Uranium Rod by an...

1st April 2010 08:04


1st April 2010 08:04

4th April 2010 22:04

Thanks for the Comments :D The Girl is Jill Valentine ( Atleast I think it is, Planet Renders can g...

6th April 2010 15:04

I know this is in the Pentagon vs WikiLeaks thread but this is to discuss specifically this video no...

7th April 2010 00:04

In all honesty I believe in a Dictatorship or Monarchy to cover the whole earth, Atleast then our sc...

8th April 2010 09:04