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Posted by LindaleWhat always amazes me is how Liberals always say Conservatives are hateful Nazi big...

2nd August 2018 08:08

Rogue One was a wonderful movie. I haven't watched Solo yet, but I suspect the issue most people hav...

2nd August 2018 08:08

This is quite likely an effect of global warming, yes. Make no mistake, global warming means that th...

2nd August 2018 08:08

MORE Zephyr plz

2nd August 2018 08:08

Zephyr tho

2nd August 2018 08:08

But that's not Zephyr

2nd August 2018 08:08

You broke this and Zephyr will break it more

2nd August 2018 08:08

o Zephyr

2nd August 2018 08:08

No Zephyr?

2nd August 2018 08:08

You should approach it in the same manner you would Minecraft or Terraria. There is a story, certain...

29th July 2018 21:07

Zephyr, do you like this forum?

28th July 2018 03:07

Zephyr IQ

27th July 2018 05:07

Zephyr are you alive?

27th July 2018 05:07

Zephyr commence shutdown

27th July 2018 05:07

Is Zephyr throwing shade at Riles now?

27th July 2018 03:07

A small thing that I actually appreciate is you can take a screenshot of your Steam interface now wi...

26th July 2018 23:07

Posted by Lindale Posted by SerioOne problem in this drought is that something as minute as a combin...

26th July 2018 20:07

Domo Arigato Zephyr Roboto

26th July 2018 04:07

I don't have numbers, but I'd assume very few by idiots with fireworks. In Denmark and (I think) the...

26th July 2018 00:07

I was going to make a thread on the fires in Sweden at first, but then I heard of the tragedy in Gre...

25th July 2018 07:07

Posted by Lindale I must say this is a first for me. I never thought I would see terrorism in Canada...

25th July 2018 06:07

Zephyr apparently eats Canadian families.

24th July 2018 04:07

Aw, thank you Zephyr <3

24th July 2018 03:07

zephyr plz

24th July 2018 03:07

Well, the parallel universe thing is a big element since it's one of the things that's currently on...

24th July 2018 02:07