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Thats probably hardcoded? I don't know.

9th May 2009 09:05

Nope, I checked a while ago, there is no all mission line. :mad:

9th May 2009 09:05

A: The Klingons on the episode Way of the Warrior would be all dead. Q: What if Kirk stole the Enter...

25th April 2009 12:04

Damn! I need that importer.

25th April 2009 11:04

What do you mean by your Adobe Photoshop has died?

21st April 2009 19:04

Where can I get the Free Camera addon?

30th May 2009 13:05

Ok, Your in

1st June 2009 19:06

sorry man

18th March 2009 21:03

Well, In this case can you make music for me?

13th June 2009 13:06

The texture name is Constitutio1.

23rd June 2009 14:06

It wasn't yesterday, anyway, can someone help me with my green nacelle problem?

23rd June 2009 12:06

Yep, I did. I hope this renaming thing works. Right now im renaming the stock textures to Constituti...

23rd June 2009 12:06

Thank you for your help, anyway I wanted to test my ship but when I click the Fleet Assembly button...

23rd June 2009 12:06

Well, I'm making my first retextured vessel, The Damaged Enterprise from ST3 and ST2. I have everyth...

23rd June 2009 10:06

[COLOR=black] jetnova, How dare you saying your going to shut the site down. I will be same as Avon...

20th June 2009 13:06

For example you are dieing for a new Constitution and say you like the stock model so you a newbie a...

20th June 2009 13:06

The texture files all start with F_Saladin. If your missing to files that end with Bump I will be gl...

19th June 2009 18:06

Hehe, I posted about a request for the White Base in the ship request thread... You should look at t...

18th June 2009 13:06

I installed the Dual Quantum mod and it crashes on start up. Can you guys help me? EDIT: I put it o...

16th June 2009 20:06

A: The Borg would laugh and think WTF?. Q: What if the Enterprise D was a Pizza with a secondary hul...

16th June 2009 19:06

And with torpedos!

16th June 2009 12:06

A: They would not steal ships. Q: What if the Enterprise D was a Constitution Refit?

13th June 2009 14:06

No really. What do you want? GO STXI TRACK 5!

13th June 2009 12:06

Ok. I'll do it.

2nd June 2009 19:06

A: He would kill everyone with his treatments. Q: What if Picard never took command of the Enterpris...

12th June 2009 18:06