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Saffi Larson in Star Trek: Bridge Commander. I when she saids "We should not fire on friendly target...

6th August 2008 19:08

Isn't that called cheating? I mean what? I think SG ships should not go though shields that just rea...

6th August 2008 17:08

Three nacelles are not enough! Then your nuts!

4th August 2008 15:08

It needs phaser's and torpedo's!

4th August 2008 13:08

Son'a? Wow, I remember them from the second mission of A1.

3rd August 2008 14:08

Alot. It was hard to find them.

3rd August 2008 12:08

I demand that ship! Will it be released soon?

2nd August 2008 19:08

Here the credits:

2nd August 2008 18:08

I made the mod by myself and it is no beta.

2nd August 2008 12:08

The mod by me, Borg Invasion is finally released and you can only get it here! Features: New ship...

31st July 2008 17:07

I not much of a modder. I have to reinstall XP also. I'll be available soon today. I not doing it no...

31st July 2008 12:07

i need two, one with KM 1.0 and one for my mod, how can i do this

3rd March 2011 23:03